How to Build an Online Marketplace: 7 Steps of Creating a Marketplace Website

The world is becoming increasingly virtual by the day and the marketplace is not exempted. Online marketplaces are having loads of sales daily and it is a worthy idea to think of starting yours. According to statistia, retail e-commerce sales for 2021 were about 4.9 trillion US Dollars.

That huge figure shows that creating a marketplace online is a viable course. But before you seek marketplace development services, learn these 7 steps for creating a marketplace website. It is important to have enough information before committing to a course. This article will open your eyes to the necessary steps to build a marketplace website.

Wondering how to create a marketplace website? Here are the 7 steps you need:

1. Analyze competitors in your niche

It is only a stupid person that will not find out the dept of a river before diving into it. The first step in how to create a marketplace website is to make findings. You need to research how your prospective competitors are doing.

You must realize that several online marketplace websites are doing well already. Your research will help you find out one or more things you can improve on and better market your website. This will also help you test and fine-tune your idea for a marketplace platform.

2. Contact software development vendors

Once you have found out what your competitors are doing and not doing, it’s time to build a marketplace website. Creating a marketplace starts with a prototype. You can do this yourself if you have the expertise but it’s best to leave it to professionals. After making a prototype, it should be tested.

The prototype and its testing will open room for documentation for the project. All of this can be handled by the right software development vendor. You can hire one of the best hands for marketplace development services here.

The minimum viable product (MVP) is created to attract the first set of users to the marketplace platform. This will help test the workability of the idea thus far.

3. Carefully consider the functionality and design of the marketplace website

The software development vendor with the prototype must have offered different designs and functionalities. This is the time to use the MVP and prototype testing data to make concrete decisions. The final marketplace software must not have the pitfalls observed in the prototype testing.

Consider the functionalities and decide which one is best for the desired result. You should also make the right marketplace website design decision. All of this will form the final details that will inform the final marketplace platform design.

4. Correctly calculate your future income and expenses

Counting your cost is good and so are appropriate revenue projections. Starting with the expenses, the software development vendor must have given you the cost for creating the marketplace website. Then ask how much it will take to create the app and the running cost for the website and app.

Based on your project goals, you can also project what your income will be like. Calculating both the income and expenses will help you to project appropriately and make better judgments. You will know if you’re running on thin financial margins and how to deal with it.

5. Hire a team to build a marketplace app

Ease is the first advantage that online marketplace platforms offer. However, with only a website, you have not met that need. You need to build a marketplace app that brings more convenience to both vendors and customers.

Once again, it is necessary to hire a competent team for building the marketplace app. You must have found out what competitors’ applications look like. There should be one or two things you are going to be doing better than them. The strategy is to offer something extra they are not offering.

6. Check and launch your website

You’re almost ready to fully start your online marketplace software. Now you have to do a final check to see if the functionalities are according to specifications. Check through in great detail to avoid any failures when you launch the website. You should pay attention to designs, payment integrations, user experience, vendor onboarding, product listing, and so on.

After all the details have been checked and passed, it is finally time to launch. It is important to have a proper launch that will attract more early adopters. Pre-launch activities can involve partnering with vendors established vendors and influencers. The launching itself should be a marketing event that will bring in users to the marketplace website.

7. Prepare a marketing strategy to promote your project

The launching must initiate the adoption of a marketing strategy that will keep bringing vendors and customers to the marketplace. Creating a marketplace must be backed by a potent strategy that will keep the traffic to the website healthy. Understanding how to make a marketplace website is not complete without a marketing plan.

There are several strategies to pick from. One such marketing strategy is online marketing. A mailing list can also be created to use email marketing to get more people aware of the online marketplace.


Building an online marketplace is not a short project. It requires adequate research, planning, and execution. The first step is to test the idea to start a marketplace platform by analyzing how competitors are doing. Researching competitors is followed by getting quotes and prototypes from software development vendors. It is also important to have a proper cost projection and be certain there is enough to pull the project through.

How to create a marketplace website has been highlighted in this article. However, you must not forget that it is important to hire the best hands to build your marketplace website. There are a lot of competitions in existence and you cannot afford to get it wrong from the start. Many businesses fail even before the launch. To forestall this, get the best online marketplace development services now.

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