How to Block Certain Apps from Being Downloaded on Android

There are currently more than 2.5 billion Android users across the globe, making it the most popular operating system. The benefits of owning an Android phone are too many to count. Apart from providing an assortment of free and premium apps, these devices are equipped with sturdy security features and remarkable functionalities.

Sometimes you may be prompted to block apps on Android to safeguard your kids from online threats or prevent your partner from cheating.

Read on to learn how to block certain apps on Android.

Which Application Blocking App Can You Trust?

eyeZy is tracking software that provides a wide variety of surveillance features such as SMS tracking, social media monitoring, geofencing, and email tracking.

eyeZy’s application blocking feature hinders target users from accessing certain apps, helping parents to control the type of content their children access on their phones. You can also use this feature to block dating apps on your boyfriend/girlfriend’s phone, gambling apps on your husband’s device, or dubious investment apps on your parents’ gadgets.

Knowing how to blocking websites on android phones and apps is vital if you’re looking to safeguard your loved ones. After all, some applications may contain inappropriate content such as violent videos and sexually explicit photos that may promote malignant behavior among kids and young adults.

You can follow these simple instructions to install eyeZy:

• Go to
• Create an account by entering your email address
• Choose your preferred subscription plan and complete the payment
• Install eyeZy on the target device using the setup instructions sent to your email
• Start blocking inappropriate apps

What Type of Apps Might You Want to Block?

There are two main methods you can use to block apps on someone else’s phone. First, you can gain physical access to the target device and uninstall/disable the apps manually. The second technique involves using a suitable application blocker to restrict the target user from downloading, installing, and accessing inappropriate apps.

Parents should supervise their children’s cell phone activity to prevent them from downloading harmful malware or befriending online impostors. Certain social media apps such as TikTok and Snapchat can be harmful to kids below a certain age because of their addictive tendencies.

Many teens utilize social media to find like-minded people they can connect with. However, these sites are home to numerous online swindlers whose aim is to trick naïve individuals into sending them cash. Blocking certain social media apps and Android site blocker can prevent your kids from getting hoodwinked.

You might also want to block dating apps on your partner’s phone to prevent them from cheating. If your boyfriend has a gambling habit, it might help to block all gambling apps on his device to discourage him from engaging in this destructive behavior.

Blocking online stores and suspicious banking apps on your parents’ phones can prevent them from throwing their money away through dishonest financial schemes.

Free Alternative Options to Block Apps on Android

Google Play Store
Android is equipped with a built-in app blocker that can be activated to restrict your loved ones from accessing certain applications. To start, launch Google Play Store on the target device and tap on the three lines located at the screen’s top left. Click on “Settings” and select “Parental Control.” Toggle the switch icon to “ON” and set a pin.

Next, click on “Apps & Games” and deselect all the age ranges that you wish to restrict. Alternatively, you can decide to allow or restrict everything. Click on “OK” to save the changes made. The main disadvantage of this option is that you cannot block apps that were already installed on the target phone.

Google Family Link
If you’re wondering how to block apps on Android phone using a free, convenient app, then Google Family Link is exactly what you need. This parental control app can be downloaded from Android’s play store and used to block apps that your children have already installed on their devices. You can also control which apps they install and access using Google Family Link.

Unfortunately, this method only works for kids under 13 years who possess a children’s Google account. These kids will get the option to manage their own apps once they become teenagers.


Blocking apps on Android can come in handy if you have tech-savvy kids or a gambling partner. Fortunately, eyeZy can help you to block certain apps on your target user’s Android phone. This spy app also has an array of useful monitoring features for parents, couples, and business owners.

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