How to be an A+ Essay Writer in College using this 8 steps

Whether it’s an assignment you were given in class or an essay that you need to write as part of your job application, writing a good essay can seem like one of the most intimidating tasks to take on. But it doesn’t have to be! By following these 8 easy steps, you can become one of the master essay writers you always dreamed of being!

1) Find Your Topic
Find your topic by searching the web. Your topic should not only be interesting to you but also accessible and relatable. You should then find at least 5-10 articles on your topic, read them all and choose one or two that are the most helpful for you. Use these articles as a guide on how to write your essay so that it’s more persuasive and persuasive. The process is simple: Read, pick out points from the articles that support your opinion, and then use those points to write your paper.

2) Choose a topic you are passionate about
Choose a topic you are passionate about. Once you have selected your topic, gather information about the topic by researching and reading materials. Gather all of your information and make sure that it is organized well. Make a rough outline for your essay and include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction should introduce the reader to the topic of the paper and should have a thesis statement.

3) Gather Evidence
Think of the things you learned during the lecture. What are some of the best quotes from your professor? What did they say that really resonated with you? If there is a textbook, it may also have some useful quotes. The point is to find something that will make your essay stand out and provide support for your argument. Then make sure to use specific quotes when possible, so that the reader can see exactly what you’re referring to.

4) Brainstorm points of view
Brainstorm your points of view by writing out the thoughts that come to mind. What are your personal views on the topic? What are your friend’s views? What are other people’s views? How do you feel about different viewpoints and why? The more research you do on your topic, the more informed you will become, and as a result, you’ll have more points of view.

5) Learn from others’ essays
Learn from others’ essays. There are many essays online that you can read and critique. Notice how they are formatted and write your own essay following the same format. You can also learn from other people’s work by looking at published essays on books, newspapers, magazines, or even research articles in scientific journals.

6) Outline your essay
This is where you come up with a catchy introduction, provide the thesis statement, and then state the three main points of your argument. The introduction is typically about two sentences long and should include a sentence that will lead into your first point. Your thesis statement should summarize the three main points that you are going to discuss. You might want to consider including a call-to-action sentence at the end of your essay which encourages readers to think differently about what you’ve just said.

7) Proofread and Revise
Proofread your essay and make sure you do not have any spelling or grammar errors. Revise your essay if necessary by rereading the essay and checking for anything that needs to be changed or added. This step is one of the most important ones because if there are any mistakes, it can lead to lower grades. The key is to read it carefully, look for errors, then fix them before sending it off. Also, ask a friend or family member (who is a good writer) to read through it before you submit your work just in case there are things you missed

8) Make sure its interesting
Make sure that you have a coherent and interesting introduction. The introduction is the most important sentence of your essay and it should draw the reader into what they are about to read. It needs to provide some context for the reader. Give a brief overview of what you are going to talk about, what your thesis statement will be, and why it is interesting or important.

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