How Social Media Influence Progress of Students

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. As smartphones and laptops have become more available, the ease to use these platforms has increased. College students are using them daily for various purposes. While a small percentage uses it for academic purposes, the great majority of students use these platforms to communicate with others and be updated with the latest news.

Scrolling your feed has become one of the activities students do on social media. But does it have any effect on their progress? Social media can sometimes interfere with the academic tasks students have to complete, so its effects are not unknown.

Inspiring to Learn – free essay example

Social media is seen, most of the time, as a way to waste time. However, it can have a positive impact on the progress of students, only if they use it wisely. Among all the influencers and people who want to promote their work, on social platforms, you can find educational accounts too. Some experts can make the information easy to digest and understand. And they send their message through short ¥ posts and videos.

If you need to spell for good grades, you can find an account that will teach you to do this. At the same time, it can be a source of support and help, things that will inspire you to learn. There are social media essay example you can get inspiration from. These free examples of essays you will find can shed more light on your tasks and how you should approach them. So, social media can have a positive impact on the progress of students. It can boost the creativity and motivation of students which, in turn, leads to better academic performance.

A Source of Distraction

Even though social media could have a positive influence on the progress of students, most of the time it has a negative one. A student could use these platforms to find essays examples or get inspiration for a research paper. Your student contract for grades is essential. However, most of the time, students use social media as a way to chat with their friends. They use it to follow influencers and brands and keep updated with the latest news and trends.

Slowly, social media can turn into a source of distraction. Being productive and achieving flow is not easy if you have opened tabs or your smartphone near you. Many students waste time browsing their accounts instead of focusing on their academic tasks. And this could have a negative influence on their progress.

Poor Academic Performance

Your teacher comments for students’ grading are relevant to your academic progress. Teachers know to identify the pain points in your essays and their suggestions help you improve all your skills. However, over 50% of students admit they are addicted to social media. This affects their lifestyle, but academic performance too.

Spending too much time on social media leads to poor eating and sleeping habits. Your nutrition and sleep quality are essential for your college life. You need a sharp mind to focus and think clearly. Tiredness, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and poor eating habits all lead to poor academic performance. Students who are not limiting their time spent on social media end up wasting their time on these platforms and falling behind their academic deadlines.

Mental Health Issues

Even though grading college papers could generate negative emotions if you are not satisfied with the result, excessive use of social media can lead to mental health issues. Anxiety and depression can easily appear, as social networks portray the perfect life everyone has. But few people are talking about the hardships in their lives, the challenges they encounter, and the negative parts of their lives.

At the same time, these networks can lower your self-esteem as it promotes unrealistic standards of beauty and lifestyle. Developing mental health issues has an influence on anyone’s life and behavior. Students’ academic progress could be affected. In these cases, getting the help of a therapist helps students adopt positive habits.

Final Thoughts

Social media is deeply ingrained in our lives. Students use social media daily for various purposes, among which chatting with friends and following brands and people they like and admire. The time you spend on social media is essential.

It can be a source of creativity and inspiration, but of guidance too as there are lots of educational accounts. But it can have a negative influence on the progress of students too. So, it’s important to limit your time spent on social media and not lose your academic progress from sight.

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