How Internet Can Help to Prevent School Shooting

Schools, parents, and policy-makers are concerned with safety in schools because a safe study environment is a key towards attaining education goals. Besides the internet acting as a rich source of information for researchers, it also plays a role in enhancing school security.

Schools can combine the internet with traditional security strategies such as metal detectors and police officers. Internet could be effective in preventing school shootings because many students spend lots of time on the internet for academic or social purposes.


Prioritizing technology in schools

Schools in America should identify the right technology to improve safety in schools. Good data collection and analysis could help students and other stakeholders to understand security problems that the schools face. The members of staff should also have a way of accessing information and collaborating with learners in case of an emergency.

Proper use of the internet and related technology entails creating direct two-way communication between emergency responders and teachers. The schools should train students and the staff on how to collaborate and pass on the necessary information in case of any signs of shootings.

Automated visitor management system

School safety has become a major concern in the past few years after reports of shootings in the United States. In addition to access controls and video surveillance, an automated visitor management system could help to detect security threats in schools and colleges.

Keeping track of people accessing the school compound is important regardless of the existence of other security procedures. The electronic visitor management system uses an automated paper trail to monitor all the visitors. The system provides details and information about visitors including any dangerous devices they could be carrying.

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Social media school monitoring

Schools in different states have started to monitor social media closely to prevent school shootings. They should collaborate with private companies who can facilitate scanning of social media postings by different people including adults and children.

The private companies could help to create an alert of a potential threat and notify school administrators for review. In addition to shootings, the threats may also include self-harm, sexual exploitation, and suicide.

The social media security procedures entail creating a database that incorporates social services records and law enforcement. With such a policy, it is easier to identify a person who posts suspicious content or threatening messages on social media.

AI-powered gun detection systems

Schools should use AI to detect guns by scanning footage or via high-tech screening. AI enables companies to collect and analyze students’ data and ensure that private data is inaccessible to outsiders, especially in busy setups.

The surveillance cameras installed can identify suspicious people based on data availability. If a person who had been barred from accessing the school compound is detected, the system will send an alert to the relevant authorities in real-time. The cameras connect to the internet and automatically record footage when they detect suspicious people.


School shootings have been a major threat to many institutions in the United States, causing many of them to leverage technology to minimize the threats. Schools should prioritize technology, automate the visitor management system, adopt social media monitoring, and use AI-powered gun detection systems. The Internet can yield better results when combined with other control procedures. Creating security alerts can help to keep everyone safe and avoid disrupting school activities.

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