Gaming Platforms To Explore in 2022

The games industry has quietly grown up over the past 2 decades. Before the millennium, the games industry was still establishing itself as a viable form of mainstream popular media, but it didn’t really pose a threat to the likes of the monolithic film or music industries.

All of that has changed now though, in fact since 2005 the games industry has grown in global revenue to eclipse both of these longer established sectors. As of 2022, it is valued at over 4 times the combined revenue of the film and music industries, and projected to hit $300 billion by 2027.

What points to this phenomenal success? Well games offer a type of replay value that even the most captivating movie cannot match. Furthermore, the participatory element of games puts players right in the center of the action, rather than just being a spectator, which lends them widespread appeal.

Microtransactions Have Tipped the Balance

This is all telling, but it doesn’t explain how an industry that for so long has struggled to convert its popularity into steady revenue has now become the dominant media sector on earth. In truth, there are several factors that feed into this.

For one, the rise of microtransactions in modern video games, which enable players endless customization in exchange for small monetary payments that add up to billions for developers.

Another key factor is the rise of the smartphone. When Apple and then Android began platforming freemium and hyper-casual titles in their app stores, it created an entire new market overnight, and crucially it’s one that appeals to a wider demographic than just the console gaming faithful.

Spoiled for Choice

Now, the Call of Duty games are worth more than the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe combined, and there are a bewildering array of platforms and services out there for gamers to explore.

With so much choice now, it can be difficult to identify which platforms are worth your time and energy, but fear not. Here we’ve brought together a few of the most impressive, reputable and compelling games platforms out there today in 2022 for you to explore. If you’re looking for a novel gameplay experience, look no further than what these platforms provide.

Apple Arcade

There are over 1 million games in Apple’s iOS app store, which can make finding the ones truly worth playing somewhat of a challenge. What’s more, the cumulative cost of buying each can soon add up.

For those wanting an alternative to this scenario, Apple have launched their subscription gaming service, Apple Arcade. It features over 250 high quality games and counting from the app store, which you can play at your leisure all for its nominal monthly cost of $4.99.

Also, with cross-compatibility across Apple products, you can dive into gameplay on your Macbook, Apple TV+ or iPad Pro, or move between them without losing progress or missing a beat.

PokerStars Casino

Industry mainstay PokerStars Casino remains one of the leaders in casino gaming in the world today, and for good reason. It offers access to an impressive array of online-optimized classic titles, from roulette to blackjack and a wide selection of popular slots.

What’s more, innovative features such as live dealer rooms promise an unparalleled level of immersion and connection. The service can be accessed on PC and Mac, or on mobile for both iOS and Android, letting you don your tuxedo and dive in while on the go.

Google Stadia

Stadia is perhaps the most impressive example to date of what is typically referred to as a cloud gaming service. Simply put, cloud gaming platforms stream game content to a device of your choosing in real time from a server-side gaming rig.

What this means in practice is that you can play any number of triple ‘A’ console titles from your old smartphone, or through your computer web-browser. This makes it a great option for those who want premium gameplay experiences without the corresponding price-tag.

With titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Far Cry 6 already available, and more being added all the time, Stadia promises something truly novel for gamers in 2022.

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