Gadgets and Gaming: It’s More Than a Game for Software Giants

Gaming is a global industry. Moreover, it’s a global industry worth billions of dollars. We are now a million technological miles from the days of joyfully playing a handheld Frogger, endlessly aiming for our initials to be at the top of the on-screen leader board on Space Invaders in the arcade, or even spending a bus ride playing snake on the old Nokia phones. How far we have come. How far is there still left to go?

Gaming as an Umbrella Term: Casino and the Connections with Video Games

Before we dive deep into the videogame market, we should cover another façade of the entertainment industry that falls under the term gaming. That would be the century old casinos that have expanded into new formats based on the hardware and software technological advancements.

Most countries have already incorporated digital formats for their casino establishments, in attempts to not fall behind the modern, rapidly developing entertainment world. These changes have already shown incredible improvements for the overall customer satisfaction, as well as the growth of the industry.

Part of this evolution is hardware. No longer, the preserve of arcade halls or brick and mortar casinos, game playing is now ubiquitous. Desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, all manner of portable devices, each and every one providing the opportunity to enjoy our favourite games.

All you have to do is hop on a gambling platform and enjoying a quick round of roulette, or perhaps, take your portable console with you – it is that simple, you can truly, almost literally, play anywhere. However, apart from the convenience aspect, there’s more similarities between gaming and gambling online.

Falling under a wide umbrella of iGaming entertainment, there are interesting parallels one may draw between a well-known online casino in USA and video game providers. A clear example of this would be the RNG systems, effectively incorporated by both iGaming entities. For the casino platform, popular games like slots are almost entirely dependant on luck, similar to a genre of video games, such as Gacha, where a player’s luck is continuously tested through various character obtaining systems, as well as upgrade options. RNG technology makes all of this happen seamlessly.

The primary purpose of RNG technologies in online gambling is to ensure fairness and randomness in games, simulating the element of unpredictable rewards. Similarly, in video games, RNG prevents cheating while generating randomized loots, rewards, and perks.

After all, both video games and online casino classics necessitate fairness, transparency, and player-centric approaches, crafting a controlled environment, in which the outcome of a game is uncertain. This makes both experiences reliable yet exciting.

Hence, both gambling and video game providers tend to leverage the power of RNG technologies to enhance the player experience – adding variety to the iGaming experience, be it randomized rewards, progressive jackpots, the contents of a treasure chest, or daily bonuses.

Of course, even outside of this niche genre there a plethora of examples of proper RNG utilization, with randomized loots in Battle Royales, Enemy AI spawns, spawn areas and many more. It is truly a massive part of both fields, and continues to have a tremendous influence.

With this aspect of gaming covered, let us move on to videogames, and how the hardware and software is used in creating the best player experiences.

Sophisticated Software Creating Captivating Gaming Experiences

With all this in mind, let’s see just how competitive things are, and what matters most when it comes to creating and choreographing software. Put simply, online games are some of the most sophisticated in terms of the back-end technology that is involved and necessary. Take any online game that you wish. Perhaps you are a Call of Duty guru, maybe a Gran Turismo giant, or are you are poker playing genius? It doesn’t matter, just think of the online experience you enjoy when playing.

Whether it is android or iOS, Microsoft or Nintendo, the sophisticated software and back-end programming that has created your game playing experience is incredible. Additionally, the creators of online game experiences are continually involved in a febrile competition to deliver bigger, better, more engaging and exciting game playing experiences. It is more than just a game to these companies, it is a global industry that is worth billions. For software companies, even the smallest increase in their market share can be invaluable. If iOS platforms are doing it, Android follows, if Sony are doing it, Microsoft follows, so it is in software, as it is in hardware, such is the prevailing status quo.

Online Odyssey: What Next For Gaming, Gadgets, And Virtual Video Experiences?

As mentioned previously, there is a technological grand canyon between where we were in the days of Asteroids on Atari to the current crop of online games played around the world on a plethora and profusion of platforms, consoles, devices and apps. One thing is certain: the challenge of improving online gaming software will not stop. In many ways, it is underpinned by the general push towards ever-improving graphics for all online activities. Perhaps it is even fair to say that software for online gaming is often ahead of the game, but that is a debate for another article.

For enterprise software developers and those heavily invested in the online game world, the online journey is ongoing and, perhaps, even endless. From those loving the thrill of online casino game fun to people who indulge in roleplaying with people from around the globe in real time, online gamers are discerning, knowledgeable, and always demanding more from their online experience. This consumer-driven need for constant evolution and improvement has nurtured an already febrile software sector, with the gaming world leading the charge.

So, returning to the question, what is next on this online gaming odyssey of a journey? Well, I think it’s a safe bet that software and graphics will continue to expand and improve. Just take the online casino industry. Now there’s a competitive market, and one that is truly global. With every new game release, every new online slots or poker site, every new online game that can be played in real time by people around the world, the need to use the most cutting-edge software increases. It’s a simple equation, really. Gaming and gadget making companies may have superb hardware, but without the superior software to create, develop, and deliver great in-game experiences for consumers, that would be worthless.

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