Fun Games You Loved As A Kid That You Can Still Play On Your Phone

Today, digital devices and the internet have completely changed what children consider to be gaming. Back in the day, gaming was usually about playing sports outdoors or playing card-based games. Video games were limited to arcade-style games at the gaming arcades, and video game consoles weren’t that common either. Moreover, the games that were on video game consoles like the Nintendo were also quite basic and were less graphically impressive than most mobile games today.

Playing games was something that was a group activity. Even simple games like hangman, monopoly, or any dice-based game were something that was a group sport and there was little fun in playing it alone. The games from the 80s and 90s are still fun to play, and they have their appeal. However, rather than playing them with physical cardboard mats and paper cards, you can still enjoy digital versions of those games.

1. Minesweeper

One of the earliest digital games that came as a part of the Windows operating system was minesweeper. While it wasn’t the most popular of the games back then, it has managed to create a following of its own. Even today, minesweeper is offered as part of the latest Windows operating system, and you can even get standalone apps for minesweeper. The latest version of the game has added a few cool new features, some new game modes, and also a larger table for the player. The rules remain the same, and you can adjust the difficulty to a few more levels.

2. Chess

There have been a lot of chess video games from different developers over the years, but in the early days, before computers and smartphones were mainstream, chess played a central part in both learning and entertainment. Schools often had chess competitions. It was a game that was enjoyed at home by children of all ages and even adults. Today, modern apps not only allow you to play with extremely tough AI, but you can also play with players from all over the world. All you need is a chess app so that you can play against a global pool of players with a fantastic digital gaming platform and put your mind to the test.

3. Solitaire

Among the card games that came standard with Windows, solitaire was one that really helped people transition from playing with physical cards to playing digitally. More importantly, the game of solitaire is the best form of entertainment for people who were working on their computers alone and needed something to kill time with. Today, it is still offered on Windows, but there are a lot of popular apps out there that offer a better experience. The advantage of playing this on your phone is that it is extremely light and doesn’t require a very advanced phone at all. Even with the bare minimum, you can always enjoy solitaire on your mobile.

4. Monopoly

Another classic game that was traditionally played on a board with a few friends is now available for your phone. Plus, there are a lot of different versions of the game that are available. The main concept of the bank remains the same, although the place, the assets, and the playing format can vary quite a lot. Moreover, with an app, you can play with a global audience. You can either invite friends from your social media or you can play with complete strangers. In fact, playing monopoly games is a way for players to meet new people and make friends.

5. Hangman

Possibly one of the most popular language games that are played in the majority of languages in the world is also available on mobile. As it is quite an interactive game, it really benefits from being able to bring different players together through the app. If you are looking to improve your linguistic skills or you just like words, this is the game to play.

Another very popular game that was traditionally played on paper was knots and crosses. Today, with smartphones featuring touch screens, you can play this in a very realistic manner on your mobile device. Thanks to technology, there are also a number of different versions of this humble game available on mobile. Some feature different colors while others have unique grids, but the concept remains the same. Most of these games are available as free downloads, so you don’t have to spend any money on them. Even back in the day, buying some of these games, especially the limited edition versions, was quite expensive. But nowadays, you only invest in the phone itself, and nearly everything else is free.

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