From Beginner To Blitz: 6 Block Puzzle Apps You Needed On Your Iphone Yesterday!

Who does not love to solve puzzles that challenge their intellect? Block puzzles are one of a kind and give immense satisfaction when you find the right piece to sit in the right place. This thrill keeps us hooked. Whenever we get time, we open the apps to play, cross challenging levels, and mark them as an achievement. You are still not playing these games! Well, you need a good start. Block puzzle games are the best choices for this. Let us quickly look into the six best apps to play on your iPhone and relax.

6 Best Block Puzzle Apps for iOS Devices

1. MPL Block Puzzle

Are you looking for shiny blocks on a beautiful board? Look no further and get it on Mobile Premier League’s (MPL) multi-gaming app. The blocks have excellent animations that are revealed when set on the board to match and complete lines. It follows the traditional gameplay of Tetris, a classic from the handheld games we played a long time ago. Reviving this old game, you can play Block Puzzle and earn money simultaneously. All you have to do is connect your MPL account with your bank account or Apple Pay. The rest is easy. Keep playing and cross the challenging levels to win cash prizes. Why wait? Keep the blocks coming and place them on the board. Change the themes of this block puzzle game and make it more interesting. Remember to keep your moves and setting blocks on the board to make combos and earn more points.

2. Block Puzzle: Puzzle Games from Jinbing Wang

This Block Puzzle app is designed for iPad and iPhone users. It has a simple interface that does not eat your phone’s memory and RAM. Download this game and create an account to play the challenging levels. This game also follows the conventional rule of Tetris. The only difference is that the blocks will appear on a tab, and you can set them on a board. You aim to keep the board as empty as possible and complete lines vertically and horizontally. Completing more lines at the same time will multiply your score. Eventually, you will get blocks and bonus powers to clear the board to a considerable extent. You can download and play this game for free. The best part is you don’t need an internet connection and play it offline.

3. Block Blast!

Block Blast! is another app on this list that keeps its users engrossed with its interface and stunning animations. It is the brainchild of Hungry Studio, a prominent game developer for iOS devices. The uniqueness of this app’s gameplay is that you can complete lines with available blocks. Once a line is complete, it vanishes, adding points to your score. You can create a combo score and multiply your points when you consecutively make lines. Try scoring the highest combos by completing three or four lines at a time. Download and play this game offline for entertainment purposes. Even children of age four or more can play this game and sharpen their problem-solving skills. The trick to score more points is to keep freeing space on the block board. You aim to keep adding blocks to complete lines and score. Remember, it is a never-ending game unless you have space to set the available blocks. Playing this game online gives your brain a new thing to think about and relax after a long day.

4. Hexa Sort

Do you want some twists with your block puzzle venture? Well, Hexa Sort is here to keep you engaged for hours with its new challenges. It differs from conventional block puzzle games as it uses hexagon blocks with unique colors. You will have to shuffle and organize these blocks or tiles stacked on each other. Once a pattern is complete, the tiles vanish, increasing your score.It is a 3D game that users love to play and interact with. The animations of dragging and dropping tiles on a beautiful board will keep you hooked for hours. As you progress, you will discover more challenging levels to complete. Progress through new levels and enter this game’s new world of block puzzles.

5. Woodoku – Wood Block Puzzles

Are you tired of placing blocks on square boards? Here is a new game to try. Woodoku is a brilliant block puzzle game that makes even professional puzzle solvers think. It offers rectangular and even ruby-shaped boards where you can set uniquely shaped blocks made of wood. You can build squares and lines to score points in this game. Some levels will ask you to put all the available blocks to complete a specific board shape. Complete every challenging level and unlock this app’s unique world of block puzzles. In this game, three blocks will appear on your screen. Drag and drop blocks on a given board until new blocks appear. You can keep on playing until there is no move left. Create combos to score more and challenge yourself by beating your high scores.

6. Tetris

Finally, the father of all block games has arrived! Tetris, a trademark of PlayStudios, preserves the vintage block puzzle game’s aura. Blocks will fall from the top; you must set them to complete lines. It is a time-bound game where you put blocks in the right places before they settle down independently. If the pile touches the top of your screen, the game ends. You can see the block suggestions on the right side of your screen to set your strategy accordingly. Complete multiple horizontal lines and add combo points to beat your highest score. Earn experience points and unlock new themes, avatars, colors, frames, etc, to make your block puzzle experience more fun. You can play this classic block game offline. This app offers different variants of Tetris to keep you hooked.

Download the Best Block Puzzle Game and Earn Money!

You now have a comprehensive list of the top block puzzle games for iPhones to download. No more boredom while waiting in a queue or traveling when you can play these games. Challenge your intellect and beat your scores. Cross the mind-twisting levels and get a chance to win cash rewards too! Choose a suitable block puzzle app and start your journey.

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