First Animated Doodle From Google

On 366th birthday of Sir Issac Newton, Google has places an animated logo on their homepage.

Google changes its logo from time to time depending upon the current events, and these logos are called Google doodles. But this is the first time that Google has used an animated doodle. I captured the video of doodle to store it forever,

The doodle signifies the famous story about Newton when he was sitting under a tree and an apple fell down. This got him thinking and the whole theory of gravitation came out of it.

Technical Aspects of The First Animated Doodle

You’ll be amazed to know that this doodle isn’t a gif image. Neither its a flash. It contains two images (one of the branch and another of the apple) and the falling apple animation is created using javascript.

Here’s the javascript code, if you are interested,

<img width="384" height="138" border="0" onload=";&amp;lol();setTimeout(function(){var h=0,v=1,f=document.getElementById(‘fall’),i=setInterval(function(){if(f){var r=parseInt(,b=parseInt(;’px’;’px’;if(b>-210){v+=2}else{h=(v>9)?v*0.1:0;v*=(v>9)?-0.3:0}}},25);google.rein&amp;&amp;google.rein.push(function(){clearInterval(i);h=0;v=1})},2000)" style="margin-top: -1.22em;" id="logo" title="Birthday of Sir Isaac Newton" alt="Birthday of Sir Isaac Newton" src="/logos/newton10-tree.jpg"/>

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