Find Everyone With Same Last Name or Surname on Facebook

You may want to find all the people in world who have the same last name or surname as you for several reasons. Probably you are preparing your family tree and you need a list of all your close relatives. Or may be you are looking for a long lost relative.

In Tamil Nadu, an Indian state, people use the name of their city as their last name or surname. So if there is a way to find all people in the world with same last name, it can be used to find everyone coming from a specific city.

There can be many more reasons to find people with same last name or surname or family name, and I am sure that you have one. Fortunately its a very easy task. Since almost everyone (worth finding) is on Facebook these days, you can use Facebook to find everyone with same last name or surname.

Just visit Facebook family search page at and enter your last name or surname here. Then click on search. Facebook will instantly display everyone with this specified last name or surname.

Facebook family search is a great tool to find people around the world that have same last name or surname. Its just that if you have a very common surname, you will get thousands of results, which makes this tool useless as it will be almost impossible to find exactly what you are looking for from those results. Anyway, do try it now!

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