Essential Items To Gear Up For A New Rocket League Season

There is no disputing the fact that Rocket League has been a globally popular game for years now, loved both by general players and heavy competitors. Ever since its inception, the game took off and hasn’t looked back. Going on 10 years now, it should go without saying that many changes have come and gone.

Many online games have followed a similar pursuit, offering in-game customizations and cosmetics to help fund maintenance and updating costs. It isn’t just that, but the addition of these in-game items is easily one of the best ways to draw in new players, while also keeping veterans interested. Although that’s not something needed in a competitive game like Rocket League, these items add a whole new aspect to the game.

The Halo Topper

Throughout the years and countless updates, Rocket League developers have no doubt added some interesting cosmetics. Looking at a list of all the items currently available would be daunting for even the most experienced and familiar players.

While that might have been the ultimate goal, some veteran players have experimented with most of these items. Which ones not only look amazing on the pitch but are essential for setting the flow of the game? The Halo Topper would no doubt be right at the top, with its near-celestial appearance.

A mere 100 to 150 credits for the Halo is a steal in anyone’s book and can be universally applied to design. Not only can it be applied to any design, but it meshes great with any design. Most veterans prefer the painted version, which they can alter to match the color scheme of their vehicle, but players that choose to keep things basic can’t go wrong either.

The Hypernova Rocket Boost

It doesn’t take a veteran Rocket League player to understand that quickness, speed, and takeoff time are essential keys to putting another check in the win column. Although this Hypernova design offers no enhancement to the actual speed or acceleration rate of the vehicle, it can throw competitors for a loop.

Sometimes the sheer look of going fast is all one needs to back rivals off. That’s exactly the look this ultra-cool Rocket Boost customization offers. With the futuristic warp-drive design protruding from the tailpipes of any new vehicles, players will put those traditional tailpipe flames to shame. Best of this, this one is a rather inexpensive investment at only 30 to 50 credits.

Do Fear The Reaper!

There is no feeling like scoring the perfect goal at the perfect moment. Even a tight-fisted swipe in the air followed by a menacing growl can satiate the joy and confidence players get from scoring that goal. For players that want to rub it in their opponent’s faces, there is no better option than the Reaper Goal Explosion. Rocket League trading is ideal for players looking to sell their rare skins at a good price.

Upon scoring a goal, the iconic grim reaper doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere, but it performs a neat little dab that adds even more insult. This massive explosion and the feelings offered by rubbing it in your rival’s faces certainly won’t come cheaply. It can run players anywhere from a mere 600 credits to a soaring 1000 credits. Start saving!

Titanium White Octane Body

Sometimes being nasty on the pitch isn’t just about an aggressive approach or playing style. Sometimes it’s merely not enough. Oftentimes, it requires both performing aggressively and looking aggressive. There aren’t many customizations that outfit the entire vehicle with such an aggressive look and feel than the Titanium White Octane Body.

The sleek and shiny opulent body will enhance the look and feel of any vehicle. Players will have their competition shaking in their boots at the sight at the mere sight of this beautiful bodywork, and that’s because it’s a staple of the most dedicated players, costing nearly 10,000 credits.

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