E-Readers For Students: Read With Pleasure

In this enormous transition of education in this field of education, e-readers are becoming more and more relevant. Earlier, there were only one or two e-readers to choose from, but there are many more great options to choose from nowadays. The time is to set up your own personalized library on a small device. Online education has shown the pros of e-readers. With evolving technology in this field, e-reader manufacturers have tried to ensure reading with pleasure. So, without further ado, let us jump to some of the most promising e-readers.


Amazon was one of the pioneers of making e-readers. The word “kindle” kind of epitomizes e-readers. We are talking about the newly released 2021 version of kindle. Kindle has done revolutionary work by substituting paper with digital learning.

The great thing about kindle is that you will get access to many important things related to the actual text. For example, suppose you are reading Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake, you can take help with oryx and crake summary for better understanding. It also enables writing a summary in your own words. On top of that, you can search for articles related to that novel for your convenience.

The Amazon Kindle has gone through many upgrades and betterments, but their 2021 model is their best and cheap at the same time. The storage space is also pretty impressive, with 32GB. Therefore, the tension of filling up space with books is nullified.

The device is sleek, easily fits in a school bag, and comes with IPX8 waterproofing. With IPX8 waterproof technology, you can keep reading a book even when it is raining or you have a shower. Kindle is simply the hero in the field of e-readers.

The only point to improve is the battery life.

• IPX8 waterproof
• Bright and clear display
• Very reasonable in price

• Battery life is not very satisfactory
• Ordinary designing


The Onyx Book Note Air brings to you a large screen e-the reader that is lightweight at the time. It has got many things to brag on: the screen, the size, the design and hence, it is evident that the price will be higher.

It assures crisp and clear text with a 226 PPI screen and a 10.3 inches backlit display that gives comfort to your eyes. This device gives you an all-in-one experience with all those essential applications if you are a student. With the help of the pen, you can do everything like a traditional book, like writing annotations, editing mistakes and drawings. It saves all your edits, coursework, and annotations with a click for use in the future.

You can adjust the screen’s color at your convenience, making reading a story more convenient. To add to that, you can download PDFs from available links.

This device supports Google Play Store, from where you can download all apps related to e-readers easily. As it consists of great benefits altogether, the higher price is justified.

• Clear, large, and bright display
• Pen support
• Useful applications available

• Quite expensive
• The pen does not work fine with tertiary applications.


According to research, the best competitor of the Kindle paperwhite is the Kobo Clara HD. The only trouble with this is that it is not resistant to water. This is the best device for following a library course, as it gives access to tons of academic reading materials for students and teachers.

In terms of screen quality and clarity are simply the best with 300 PPI, color-changing technology, and 6 inches large display. You can just merely dim the light of your lesson at night or change it to sepia for eye comfort.

The best part of this e-reader is its enormous battery life, giving it an edge over its closest competitors. You can use this e-reader for weeks with a single fully charged battery.

Additionally, almost every kind of file is supported in this e-reader which includes EPUB, PDF, ZIP, CMZ, RTF, JPEG for cartoon and comic books with lots of images.

• Great for library reading
• Supports all files
• Light in weight and highly portable
• 300PPI clear screen

• Not waterproof.


The Barnes and Noble GlowLight 3 supports physical buttons, which is missing in other e-readers. The physical button is to press a button to turn pages quickly. The screen is similar to the Kobo e-reader with a 300 PPI display and 6 inches in size.

The inevitable con is that the selection of books available on this device is not that huge compared to other e-readers. The supported files are also limited, but you can enjoy all the epub files on this device. E-pub is one of the best formats available for reading books conveniently. Talking about the price, it is not as cheap as Kindle Paperwhite but not as expensive as Onyx. However, we can say that the price point of this device could have been a little lower.

• Supports epub files
• Sharp and crisp screen
• Colour-changing backlight

• UI is slow
• Limited selection of books.


Reading books that are traditionally made of paper is great. But e-readers bring to you some undeniable pros which enable convenient reading. Compared to books, e-readers are easier to use, easier to carry, easier to read, and cheap. Carrying an e-reader in schools, colleges or universities is much more advantageous as they are so lightweight.

However, it is not that every e-reader available is supposed to be great. That is why this article may be the guidance to need the best e-reader and start reading with pleasure. We cover the e-readers, which give you the best features for reading at a reasonable price.

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