Disable a Windows Service From Command Prompt

You already know how to disable a Windows service from the service manager. But if you know the name of the service that you want to disable, then you can also disable it from command prompt.

To do so, open command prompt as an administrator, and use this command.

sc config serviceName start= disabled

Note that you must use the service name exactly as its specified on the properties dialog of the service.

To find the name, type services.msc in the start menu search box or run dialog to start the service manager in Windows. Right click on the service you want to disable and choose properties. You can find the service name on top of the dialog box.

This method is only useful if you already know the exact name of the service that you want to disable. If you have to go to the service properties to find the name, then you might as well disable it from there, instead of using the command prompt.

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