Delete Useless DLL Files To Speed Up Computer

If you are on any Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Vista or 7) then you can speed up your computer to a considerable extent using this tip – Just delete duplicate and orphaned DLL files.

Whenever you install any software, it intalls some DLL files in your system. When you uninstall the software, some of these DLL files are left behind. These DLL files are known as orphaned DLL files. They are not used by any program but they do hog your memory and hard disk space, making your computer slow.

To remove useless DLL files, you have to download PC Cleaner. Its a free software used to delete temp files. But it can also help in removing useless DLL files from your computer.

Removing Orphaned and Duplicate DLL Files

First download and install PC Cleaner. Then click on Orphan DLLs.

It will scan and display all the orphaned DLLs to you. Now, just delete those DLLs.

Repeat this procedure for duplicate DLLs. Once you get rid of all useless DLL files, you will immediately see a significant improvement in your PC’s performance.

Warning – Before deleting any DLL file, make sure that it is actually not used by any program. You can do this by simple Google search. Deleting a DLL used by any software may make that software useless.

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