Chatbots Have Overwhelmed Us: What Is the Best Use for Which of the 3 Most Popular?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has impacted how we do our work and how we utilize the Internet to find information during the past few months. Anyone may now code, produce artistic output, or finish literary work in a matter of seconds thanks to chatbots like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google Bard.

The aforementioned AI chatbots are now utilized by both professionals and regular users who want to create specific content quickly. According to the latest trends, these chatbots will soon be available to them as they slowly integrate into web browsers and operating systems.

In this post, we have compared a few AI chatbots and highlighted the aspects that best suit different user behaviors so that you can learn more about what each one can accomplish and what it is best suited for.

Changing Conditions That Are Tough to Keep Up With

As an illustration, Google adopted PaLM 2 in its Bard chatbot, a sophisticated language model with greater logical and mathematical capabilities and significantly better coding. Google did it in response to Microsoft bringing GPT-4 to Bing and to the move of OpenAI who introduced Bing to ChatGPT.

One can only draw the conclusion that it is quite challenging to keep up with what is occurring in the realm of AI chatbots after reading about the developments that have occurred in less than three months. Because of this, sorting through all of this information to determine which chatbot is best suited for a particular task and what it should be utilized for is actually very difficult.

We will verify each chatbot’s accuracy along the way by asking a straightforward trick question like this one: “I got 5 oranges right now, and I have eaten 3 last week. How many oranges do I still get left?


We will began by mentioning ChatGPT, an AI chatbot whose most recent appearance has sparked a true revolution in the application of AI.

Following tests, we can say that ChatGPT is appropriate for the following instances:

You Are Intrigued to Utilize the Most Well-Liked AI Chatbot That Exists

OpenAI developed ChatGPT, which became operational in November. Since then, it has comprised about 100 million consumers, and 1.9 billion people visit the website every month.

Due to the numerous controversies it raises, ChatGPT has consequently found itself in an unfortunate situation. The most talked-about of these controversies is that it is used by people in the educational system since it can instantly solve a variety of task types, and over time it also gradually replaces a number of workplaces.

Its user interface has shown to be really straightforward during ongoing testing, but recently there have also been a few adjustments, such as the insertion of a button for copying text or simpler methods of accessing your user account.

Even while ChatGPT has demonstrated amazing potential as a tool for AI, it is susceptible to error. Additionally, it occasionally misses subtle differences in question interpretations. The free edition of ChatGPT gave us the false reply that there were only two oranges left in response to our earlier ask regarding the number of oranges we have right now.

It is a fantastic tool, but one whose existing, error-prone limits should be properly considered.

You Do Not Mind Spending Additional Money for the Upgrade

All users have free access to ChatGPT thanks to OpenAI. It is vital to keep in mind that the current version of it employs the GPT-3.5 framework for its operation, and all you need to do is register a user account.

You can purchase the Plus edition, which employs the cutting-edge GPT-4 model, for $20 per month.

Comparatively speaking, GPT-4 is the most complex LLM (large language model) to employ. It has more than 100 trillion parameters, which is astounding and surreal. GPT-3.5, in contrast, contains 175 billion parameters. A bigger total of parameters also signifies that the model has been refined on a larger quantity of data, resulting in much more accurate and exact answers to the questions.

The Plus version of ChatGPT based on the GPT-4 model accurately answered our math issue regarding oranges by noting that we have five oranges remaining and that the three oranges from last week have no bearing on the current amount of oranges.

Bing Chat

Microsoft’s AI chatbot Bing Chat is becoming increasingly well-liked and is receiving major financial investment.

For the following purposes, you can utilize Bing Chat:

You Want an Internet-Ready AI Chatbot

There are some differences between Bing Chat and ChatGPT. From a certain angle, ChatGPT is a constrained AI chatbot because it creates text in a conversational style using information gathered, and Bing now has a chat feature that shapes results from searches as a conversation with an AI chatbot, so the data in some segments is newer and better updated. On the flip side, it was discovered after using Bing Chat for a while that using the Internet and more recent information may not always end in better results since it is more likely to delay when responding and can misread a portion of the inquiry.

Bing Chat also has the benefit of being entirely free to use and driven by the largest LLM produced by OpenAI, the more sophisticated GPT-4 model.

Although the UI of Bing Chat is not as clear-cut and easy to use as ChatGPT’s, it is still very user-friendly.

More Images Are Preferred in Your Answers

Microsoft just added visual features to Bing Chat that ChatGPT and Google Bard do not. At this point, if you ask Bing a query like “What is an elephant?” you will receive information about that animal in a separate tab along with pictures, historical context, and other details.
Additionally, when conversing on Bing, you can post your own image. Just tell the chatbot how you would like to look in the picture, and it will create four versions of you from which you can choose the one that most accurately captures your likeness.

The unique aspect of Bing Chat lies in the fact that it offers three various conversational tenors when you communicate with it. These tenors are “Creative”, “Balanced”, and “Precise”, and they determine how direct and inventive the dialogue will be in its responses.

How did Bing Chat respond to the math problem involving oranges? The “Precise” conversational style provided the right response whereas the “Balanced” and “Creative” styles provided the incorrect response.

Google Bard

Now let us move on to Google’s AI chatbot, which employs a different LLM than Chat GPT and Bing Chat.

The fact that Google launched Bard so far following Microsoft and OpenAI gave the impression that it was a last-minute effort to catch up. Ultimately, Google chose to make its AI chatbot available. It has a few unique qualities that enable consumers to use it.

Use Google Bard if you need to meet the following criteria:

You Want an Unlimited, Rapid Experience

When Google Bard was put to the test, some of its flaws became apparent very away, including the inability to respond to some straightforward inquiries, the failure to cite the source of generated responses or the provision of inaccurate information.

Google Bard provided an inaccurate response to our orange math problem.

Even though there are fewer of these instances, the criticisms are valid, and it turned apparent that despite some mistakes, ChatGPT and Bing Chat appear to be a little more dependable in their responses.

There are several benefits to Google Bard, the primary one of which is speed, so we should not just focus on the drawbacks. This AI chatbot responds to questions really quickly. Although it may respond more quickly than ChatGPT’s version with GPT-3.5 and Bing Chat, it is slower than ChatGPT’s Plus version.

Like Bing Chat, Google Bard is not constrained to a predetermined number of responses. While Bing only allows for 20 replies in a single discussion, you can conduct lengthy conversations with him. There is a cap of 25 messages per three hours on Chat GPT Plus as well.

You Want a More Elevated Google “Experience”

Recent conferences have seen Google unveil a number of AI advancements, and an update to the PaLM 2 model, the largest iteration of Google’s LLM, is anticipated.

PaLM 2 will eventually assist Bard in supporting more than 100 languages and enhancing coding, debugging, and mathematical abilities. Currently, ChatGPT covers 80 languages, but the total will undoubtedly rise over time.

In addition, Google intends to include more visual components than Bing Chat already does. Users will shortly be able to upload images using Google Lens, create them via Adobe Firefly, and use plugins like Kayak, OpenTable, Instacart, and Wolfram Alpha.

Google Bard will undoubtedly provide you with the authentic Google “experience” that you are accustomed to when using the renowned web search engine, even though these changes must still be made.

AI Chatbots: From Human-Level Improvement to Industry Improvement

There are many ways that revolutionary language models, the core component of AI chatbots, might assist enterprises. They can produce emails, social media posts, essays, code, and other sorts of written content. These chatbots can enhance consumer interaction, decision-making processes, promotional material, employee training, and natural language processing to generate contextually relevant responses to queries and requests.

For instance, chatbots operated by AI are essential to the future growth of the gaming sector on the Internet because they can sift a vast amount of data, analyze patterns, and produce in-depth reports. There are endless ways AI and its chatbots are affecting the online gambling industry which includes the best MuchBetter online casinos in 2023 at, and these ways are embodied in designing games, player interactions, and overall experience quality.

We will emphasize that a specific field where businesses are currently profiting from ChatGPT along with other AI chatbots is research, where they can be used to perform market research and get insights from customer feedback. We will not go deeper into the analysis though because it is not the main theme of our post. These chatbots can analyze social media posts and consumer reviews to find patterns and trends that companies can employ to enhance their goods and services. For instance, when a research query is entered into a chatbot, it responds quickly with information by basing its response on the context and purpose of the question, as opposed to Googling the topic and then looking through numerous articles and websites to obtain the information required.

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