Boost your Revenue for Auto Dealership with Mobile Apps

Investing in a vehicle is not something you would do any day. Proper research, visiting the auto dealers and then a customer decides if the car is appropriate for him or not.

Previously, it was necessary to visit the auto dealers’ showroom a couple of times to find all the related information about the cars. You would need to rely on a salesperson to get details about your dream car and book test drives.

However, now the scenario has been changed as almost everything is available online. People now even check the reviews online before going to a movie. So, it is quite obvious when investing in a car; any customer will try to find as many as details online.

As more than 54% of the global internet traffic comes from smartphones, so it is important for any company to use mobiles as a way to connect with their customers.

If you own an auto dealership, you should know how you can boost the revenue of your company with mobile apps. Even customers can also take benefit of such apps that represents auto dealers.

Let’s know-how.

Keep up with the Technology

Adopting new technologies will make you take one step ahead of your competitors. Utilizing new technologies will not only make your work efficient, but it will also save a lot of time and resources.

New advanced technologies will always strengthen your business; they will greatly contribute to developing your business and creating an extensive market.

Even designing an app for your car dealership business would impress modern customers and they will have faith in your company.

Change of Marketing Activities

In research, it was shown that vehicle buyers who used an app of the brand before purchasing a car were more likely to buy the vehicle than people who didn’t use the app.

It also shows those people who used the app also booked more services than people who didn’t use the app.
This means the people who used an app of the car brand spend more money on their cars. Therefore it is a great idea to build an app for your own Auto Dealership business so that the chances of customers buying from your business increases.

Not only can the customers purchase cars and related services if they want, but they can also sell their cars online. If a customer has a budget problem while buying his dream car, you can help them to sell their junk cars on to get some extra money.

Mobile Users get Accurate Information

When a buyer gets accurate information about the cars, it is most likely that they would visit the dealership to take a look. Getting perfect information makes the car purchasing journey smooth.

When looking for vehicle details, a customer can get access to information such as dealer’s whereabouts, ratings and reviews, price of the car, payment options and more.

It is also a fact that not every customer is sure about which brand’s car they will buy. As per the study conducted by Google and Ipsos, almost 90% of smartphone users check several brands when they try to find information online.
In such cases, you, as an auto dealer company, can help the customers in making their decision and leverage that to increase your sales.

Upgrade Sales Department

The sales team plays a crucial role, converting on-site visitors to customers and then loyal referrals. The mobile comes with different challenges as customers come in handy with low price competitors after doing thorough research by showrooming. Thus, mobile apps come as a rescue for sales teams, providing pricing options, on-site offers and allow customers to compare with competitors.


  • Geofencing to convey location-specific content through pop-up messages, for example, restricted time offers
  • Versatile retail location to measure nearby buys and email client receipts immediately
  • Translator & Currency converter

This personalized level of service effectively increases customer experience and development in figures of sales.

Increase Sales by Following-Up

Keeping the customer engaged is the key factor for the sales & marketing team. Follow-ups happen to be during the decision-making process before sales and after-sales to enhance customer retention and happy referrals. Thus, mobile app referrals help as is-

  • Send notification to potential buyers who left the showroom without purchasing by follow-up information about the vehicle they may have sought out.
  • Engage with relevant information as they walk the showroom floor
  • Notification on various discounts and promos
  • Send post-sales follow-up about the services to be done
  • Allow booking appointments with the help of a WordPress appointment plugin or a services scheduling software.
  • Any tool which makes the customer’s experience unique is worth it, and mobile helps in direct engagement with the customer.

Boost Revenue by Empowering Servicing Department

The cost of customer acquisition is more than customer retention, so customer engagement is important for dealerships to keep their marketing budget. Thus dealership-app is important to lure customers again and again. Hence the service department produces the highest profit margins; thus, customers with dealership-app likely to make 25% booking to make service appointments. According to DMEautomotive cars, car owners are spending more money on servicing their vehicles than ever before. Thus, dealer branded apps provide-

  • Book appointment & view service hour
  • Consult with service staff through chat
  • Save call, text & email history
  • Pay for repair orders
  • Update service profiles regularly.


Most of the businesses are effectively utilizing mobiles to connect with people and make their brand reputation strong. However, auto dealership businesses are still behind.

Car dealerships have to go a long way to generate leads that can turn into a sale.

Those auto dealers who are willing to use digital strategies to increase their sales will need a better technical approach to make the process easy for both the dealers and the customers.

Adapting to mobile technology is not going to be enough. A business can run successfully when the dealer can be able to maintain relations with his customers. Apart from that, it is also necessary to upgrade and empower the sales and service department to cater to new-age customers.

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