Best Practices on Hotel Energy Use

Inspect your hotel regularly. Identify all areas that are contributing to energy wastage. Empower your staff to adopt energy-efficient practices. This could save you a lot of money. Plus, it could significantly reduce your carbon footprint. If you’re environment-cautious, you’ll definitely want to invest in energy-efficient systems. Here are some energy management practices that could give your business an instant uplift.

Consider Setting Heating Limits

Hotels often utilize high amounts of energy on their heating and cooling systems. And this can be extremely costly for your business. To minimize energy wastage, consider deactivating the heating system once the temperature reaches about 70 F.

Monitoring Your Heating Is Important

Don’t overheat the entire building. As long as the front side is adequately heated, you don’t need to waste too much energy on the corridors or the back of the building. To minimize energy consumption, reduce the level of heating in these areas to about 66 F and allow visitors to make their own adjustments.

Installing Spray Faucets Can Hugely Help

Are you currently using faucets that pour water? Well, it’s time you try installing spray faucets. Make sure that your sink and shower faucets are all equipped with spray taps. Not only will this conserve water but it’ll also go a long way in conserving energy.

Fridge Monitoring Is Key

Fridges can also contribute to high energy costs. When the temperature settings are too low, the contents of your fridge might become frozen. To prevent this from happening, consider defrosting your fridge periodically. Remember, fridge doors should only be opened when things are being removed or placed inside. Otherwise, they should remain closed. If you can afford an A++ model, then go for it. This will increase your energy savings even further.

Bring In Automatic Shutdown-Based Sockets

Inactive devices can still continue to draw power. Even when they’re in standby mode, plugged-in devices will still keep consuming energy, hence leading to massive energy bills. The best solution to this problem is to install automatic shutdown sockets. These sockets are designed to shut off the energy supply to inactive appliances. Auto-sockets typically work by detecting when an appliance is active or dormant.

High-Quality Equipment

Purchase high-quality equipment for your hotel. Avoid cheap equipment. They tend to consume excessive energy. Get your HVAC from a reputable company. Of course, you should look at the cost. But the most important factor is the quality.

Cheaper Energy Plan

Get your energy from a cheaper energy provider. Switch to a supplier with flexible energy plans. Shop around for the best plan for your hotel. If you want to switch to another supplier, do it through Utility Bidder.

Final Thoughts

It’s always important to find a reputable energy supplier. This will help you to create and execute an effective energy procurement strategy. Working with a professional energy provider will help you identify the best solution for your hotel needs. A good energy supplier can help you devise a reliable energy-saving initiative.

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