AXS Crypto Game and Coin

The cryptocurrency industry is developing at a rapid pace. In the last few years, such projects as metaverses, blockchain games and NFT marketplaces have been trendy, drawing the attention of crypto fans and enthusiasts. One crypto project that made a buzz in the industry is Axie Infinity.

What are Axie and Axie infinity crypto?

Probably everyone has heard about Pokémon games, where participants receive tokens for various activities in the game. Inspired by Pokémon, the developers created Axie Infinity.

The idea of this project is to gather and trade Axies – little digital animals. Each of them is a unique unit – NFT. By breeding and collecting those little BFT animals, players can create more Axies and add them to the markeplace.

Players can make duels among their NFTs in the game process and trade them using other in-game items. Every player can make a contribution to the entire Axie world by gathering, playing and trading NFTs.

What you can do on the platform:

• Play and battle NFTs

• Gather and trade them

• Create new Axies through breeding.

The game’s creators strive to build a community of active game participants who will expand and grow the Axie world. In the process of game playing, participants receive rewards in the form of the AXS token.

The Price of Axie infinity coin?

AXS supply is limited, which makes this asset scarce and helps to keep its value at a high level because a restricted supply makes demand grow. The Axie infinity coin price is $8.60 (October 2022), and the all-time high was fixed at the level of $165.37.

Since blockchain games are trendy and their popularity has not even reached its peak, the AXS token is a profitable investment option. You can buy this token on the WhiteBIT crypto platform.

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