Assignment Writing Services VS Chat GPT: Which One Will Win In This Confrontation?

Nowadays, the Internet may offer every assistance you wish. It is able to help you in finding the required materials for your University assignment, and it may even offer tools that will write the assignments instead of you. This assistance is demanded especially among students, who study hard and often try to combine their education with full-time employment. That is why they do not have enough time to write complicated and extensive reports and assignments.

Each student has two options: to refer to the GPT Chat tool and receive the response in seconds or ask the experts from the assignment writing service, such as WritePaper, to help with the assignment you are stuck in. Here, it will be necessary to wait. But it’s necessary to clarify where the quality of the received product will be better and whether the new AI tool can replace the well-known assignment help services.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the GTP Chat Tool?

Among the latest most popular online requests, what is Chat GPT is one of the most frequent. People are interested in how they can use this tool for their benefit because they have surely heard about its extensive opportunities. To understand OpenAI better, we should underline its strong and weak points.


1. You will not have to pay for it. Chat GPT is completely free.
2. ChatGPT is easy to use due to its straightforward design.
3. Only several seconds are needed for ChatGPT to provide a response to your request.


1. The originality suffers. When speed is a strong side of GPT Chat, the service loses originality. The text is often too dry.
2. GPTZero can easily detect AI-generated content. Although the number of such tools is continually growing, so it’s impossible to hide the use of AI.
3. The content is of low quality. The AI generator may use uncredible sources, so the produced content may be of low quality.
4. Some facts may be inaccurate. This problem is related to the mentioned above drawback. There are cases when ChatGPT offers fake facts or mentions things that have nothing to do with reality.
5. Do not wait for the dissertation from ChatGPT. It cannot cope with complicated assignments like the random assignment writing service experts do.
6. Like any tool, it may face technical issues. This may happen at a very inconvenient moment, or it may deteriorate the content the ChatGPT produces.

Assignment Writing Services and What Can They Offer?

Assignment writing help services are popular enough among students in every developed country. It’s because their assistance is in demand, and the studying process will never stop. But like any service, it has its strong and weak sides, which should be considered.


1. Customized approach to every student. Each customer may receive the result they wish according to the preliminary instructions, including the desirable tone, style, and format.
2. Plagiarism is not tolerated. All of the papers are free of plagiarism. The plagiarism report will be offered upon the customer’s request.
3. Your privacy is secured. They will never disclose your personal data.
4. Each type of paper is available. Here, you may order any type of paper (thesis, dissertation, personal reflection, etc.) with which ChatGPT will not cope.
5. A real person will perform a task for you. And you may communicate with them throughout the cooperation.
6. Customer-oriented service. In case of need, you will receive assistance from the support department or quality assurance department.
7. A different view on the topic. The expert of the assignment writing service may inspire you with new ideas and insights on the discussed topic. It will deepen your understanding of this field of knowledge.


1. You will have to wait for at least several hours until your assignment is ready.
2. Sometimes, it’s necessary to double-check the received paper and ask for a revision in case of need.
3. You will have to pay for the service. However, it’s not a pity to pay for a quality service.

The Reputation of Both Services in the Market

The trust of students to assignment help services is indisputable. Not one generation of students experienced the benefits of using help from writing experts. Here, they can communicate with the performers on an equal background and solve the tasks easily.

On the contrary, the OpenAI tool is a relatively new player on the market. Many people referred to it with teh request for help. But its potential was undermined by the inability of the AI-generator to provide as qualitative service as the assignment writing services do. Moreover, ChatGPT has limits on the number of characters it provides per response (not more than 4096). Fortunately, you will not face this issue when using the assignment help service. And you will never get into trouble when using real experts for help. There were cases when students were even expelled because of using AI help in their assignments. It was already mentioned that the use of ChatGPT is easily detected by numerous tools, which are free of charge as well.

What to Say in The End?

As can be seen, there are more than enough ways to receive some help with your academic assignments. It’s up to you which service or tool to trust, but it’s recommended to consider all the possible threats and risks. Taking into account the benefits of using any assignment writing service and the drawbacks of using AI writing, it becomes evident that the use of the first one is preferable. You will always receive an original paper in accordance with your instructions. ChatGPT cannot offer the same customized service. In the majority of cases, you will understand that the text was written by a machine. So, if you need the paper to be accepted in your college or university, refer to assignment writing services; they know enough about it.

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