Are You A Fan Of Yu Gi Oh? Here Are Some Fun Things To Try

Every fan of Yu Gi Oh loves to collect and play this popular card game. There are a lot of new things that you may not be familiar with that can make the experience of playing better and more interesting. Here are some things which might make you consider trying them.

Card Sleeves

Use card sleeves that are appropriate for your Yugioh cards. Game cards come in a variety of sizes and constructions, necessitating sleeves that are tailored to them. While sleeves for games with larger cards might potentially be used for all of your card games, you can’t guarantee that all of your cards would fit. Examine your cards and check for sleeves developed just for your game. You can also design your own custom YuGiOh sleeves if you feel that you would want something special. Card sleeves do the trick and have become indispensable in games like Yugioh. Sleeves come in a variety of forms and sizes from a variety of manufacturers, but most fall into one of three categories. Gloss or penny sleeves are the cheapest sleeves available, costing just over $1 for a pack of 100. These are usually flimsy plastic sleeves that provide very little protection. Matte sleeves are a good compromise between affordability and protection. They are more expensive, but they safeguard your cards from everyday use. Top-loader or double matte sleeves provide the best protection since they are robust enough to endure any damage while remaining transparent.


Card game playmats are accessories that players use to keep their cards and other game components separate from the surface they’re playing on. This might be the floor, a table, or a countertop, depending on where people choose to play. A playmat may be made out of almost anything. They might be as simple as a swatch of paper or a scrap of cloth. The majority of individuals utilize a rubber material with printed fabric on top. The rubber bottom grips tables to keep them from slipping, while the cloth-covered top makes picking up cards easier. The printing technology used on the fabric top varies, however many manufacturers use a sublimation approach. This method produces a vibrant, high-detail picture.

Video Duel

This one is simple. What if you can’t duel with your buddies in person? All you’ll need for this method is your deck, a computer with a camera, and a video-chatting tool like Skype, Discord, or Zoom — as well as a friend with all of the necessary equipment. Make a video call connection, then set up your deck and battle area in front of you. You’re now ready to duel! They won’t be able to cut your deck, but if you’re cheating, that’s a different story.

Video Games

However, it’s possible that you’ve grown tired of playing with the same old deck. Perhaps you’re looking for a fresh challenge, such as a new deck or a new opponent? Even a brand-new format? Well, the Yugioh video games have a solution for it as well! It is referring to Yugioh: Duel Links and Yugioh: Legacy of the Duelist, specifically. Legacy of the Duelist may be played on the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam, while Duel Links is accessible on mobile and Steam.

With regular upgrades to the card pool, Legacy of the Duelist allows you to duel from the comfort of your own home. Duel Links employs the Speed Duel concept, which was first seen in the Yugioh: Vrains series. Field zones, hand and deck size, and even starting life points have all been lowered, and Skills have a variety of effects on the game. You build a deck from the cards you get via achievements and packs in both games. You may play against gamers from all around the world or with your friends. You can even take on the Yugioh anime’s legends, including Yugi and Kaiba, Yuya, and even Yusaku. For a duelist looking to improve their skills, these games bring them a world of options. You may now explore the universe of Yugioh in ways you never thought possible thanks to new ways to play the game.

Watch the Anime

You can come across a character you don’t recognize when playing Duel Links or Legacy of the Duelist. Or maybe you’re just tired of battling and want to relax while watching a show. If you find yourself in any of these circumstances, we recommend watching the Yugioh anime. The animation isn’t only an advertisement for the cards; it’s also pretty entertaining. Yugioh is a fantastic series to binge on since it has heartwarming friendships, bloodcurdling horror, comedic episodes, and moments of pure awesomeness.

Hopefully, these tips will bring joy to you and give you new and creative ideas to think about.

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