A Quick Guide on How to Buy Bitcoin in Turkey

Turkey has significantly adopted the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or BTC. Many new crypto investors are recorded every day, which is a good sign that the industry is growing. If you want to buy Bitcoin in Turkey as a beginner, this is just the guide you need.

However, the process of buying BTC could change from one platform to another, which is why you should understand how some of them work. If you use reliable platforms, you will have an easy time.

Understand Why You Should Buy Bitcoin in Turkey

Turkey has a supportive political environment for crypto trading. Many businesses have also started accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment, giving people one more reason to buy Bitcoin in Turkey.

You can either buy BTC as a store of value because the cryptocurrency sector is ever-growing, or if you want to, trade actively. Lastly, there are many reliable crypto platforms in the country, making the whole process easy, secure, and affordable. There are many reasons to buy BTC in this country.

Choose a Platform and Register

As mentioned, Turkey has numerous crypto platforms. They may have different processes for people to buy Bitcoin in Turkey, but the process is typically the same. Here are some popular crypto exchange platforms and how to use them:

• Online cryptocurrency exchanges – This is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin in Turkey, especially if you prefer to trade from the convenience of your computer or phone. They require you to create an account with them, set up the two-factor authentication, and then verify it. From here, you can now start the Bitcoin buying process by depositing cash into the account. At this point, you also need a cryptocurrency wallet to store Bitcoins after a successful purchase.

• Physical cryptocurrency exchanges – Another easy and secure way to buy Bitcoin in Turkey is through a physical office, Bitcoin kiosk, or Bitcoin ATM. This is one of the options where you don’t need to register but just follow easy steps to buy Bitcoin. For beginners, these options are good because there is someone to help you with the buying process. You can also use Turkish Lira to buy BTC conveniently.

Confirm That You Have Bought Bitcoin

Once you are done with the Bitcoin buying process, it is always good to confirm that the digital currencies are in your Bitcoin wallet. For online crypto exchanges with an account, you have to transfer the coins into your wallet, but physical exchanges will just send the coins into your wallet directly.

Either way, it is essential that you confirm that the coins have been reflected into your wallet. So, ensure that you log in and check. For active traders, it is good to keep a clear record or statement of the transactions.


Would you like to buy Bitcoin in Turkey? If yes, then you have just read the most insightful information to guide you. It is easy to buy BTC and other cryptocurrencies now that you know how to do it. With this, it is hard to make costly mistakes.

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