7 Awesome Apps to Write a College Application Essay

College essays can be a tedious task to handle. College applications come when students are struck by exams and only add tons of pressure on students. It’s like a constant hammer banging against your head. So, unless you decide to use the help of professional essay writers like My Assignment Help service and delegate the writing of your essay to a reliable paper writing service, here are the seven apps to help you make it through!

Dragon Dictation

With the help of Dragon Dictation, you can write a perfect piece of writing from anywhere, anytime! That way, you can say everything you want and have it automatically written by the app! In addition, the app possesses impressive abilities to convert speech into text.

Who knew words would become text someday so quickly. Dragon Dictation is like a personal assistant; it does everything you ask it to do. The only things you need for the app to give a hundred percent performance are a microphone and a good internet connection.

Initially, it was an app restricted to Apple; however, it is now readily available to android users. If you feel like you need a quicker way out, you can buy college application essays online. Surf around the internet and find the best service for yourself. It will save you time and effort.


Say hello to Grammarly, and the app will say goodbye to all your writing problems. Here is a list of areas that Grammarly will fix automatically for you!

Passive voice
Sentence structure

You have to upload your file on the site and wait for it to detect all the errors; once completed, it starts suggesting ways to make the text more engaging with improved delivery.

All this is accessible in the free version; nevertheless, if you want your paper to get a spot for admission, go for the premium version. The subscription will allow you to make all the changes using the suggestions.

You can also change the levels of suggestions you want from the app. These range from casual to academic to knowledgeable, and finally, business-oriented recommendations. The app will do wonders for you; it is one of the most sought-after essay writer apps out there.


Note-taking is an essential bit of writing proper pieces. If you don’t take notes correctly, you can’t produce good enough academic work to get you admission to your dream college. But how does one simplify a complex task like organizing the relevant parts of your notes?

The answer is easy. The app helps you capture all your ideas and arrange them properly on a single platform instead of using papers and sheets to write them down as the baby boomers did! Install the Evernote app and make your life easier by ten folds.

Evernote is a powerful digital note-keeping book and essay writing app for users and allows you to share your notes with others. You can access your notes from two devices if you are using the regular version. There is a monthly limit given to users on the free version for uploading and organizing notes. You can also save web articles and books on Evernote.

The premium one has better access options available, and many students find it feasible considering the workload they have; they don’t want to mix up notes at any cost.


If you want an all-rounder essay help for college applications, then Scribd is a great option to rely on. It covers many different ways to help people improve and enhance their writing skills within a short span.

Sheet Music

You name it, and they have it. Instead of a monotonous experience, you can now choose a learning option you will genuinely enjoy. The app offers 30 days of free online reading. You can find everything, read it, and take ideas from these books and audios to include in your application essays. What a way to enhance your skill set!

Get a monthly subscription to access the Scribd library of an unlimited collection of books, magazines, and even audiobooks. If that doesn’t excite you to learn more, then we don’t know what will!


You might feel the need to structure your thoughts before stepping into the final draft for your application. You can do that by using the FreeMind mapping technique. Brainstorm and put out the ideas in the app.

You can prepare proper outlines for writing books, papers, articles, and so on. It allows you to format your thoughts in different ways to see which one suits you the best. As a result, your complex ideas will appear more straightforward to you while remaining creative and unique. FreeMind is one of the best apps for writing essays.

You can see your mind map right in front of you and won’t have to think it through so much anymore. Furthermore, it will be far more organized than on a sheet of paper with ticks, crosses, scribbles, and other confusing things.

Microsoft Office Mobile

If you are looking for an essay app, then keep Microsoft Office Mobile with you at all times. For example, you might need to make sudden changes to documents, upload documents, transfer them from one device to another using your MS account, or write a paper quickly.

Microsoft Office will allow you to save your application essay from time to time and make changes whenever you want. It comes with different headings, titles, font sizes, font styles, formatting options, and so much more that can bring out your paper.

Remember the trouble of keeping track of the word count? Well, not anymore because the Microsoft office app is ready to display the count effortlessly for you! No need to bother yourself with estimates.

iA Writer

For people looking for genuine essay help, it is safe to say that iA Writer does a good job. It keeps all the distractions away from the writers and allows them to focus entirely on their papers. Imagine a peaceful, distraction-free, and noise-free writing experience.

The powerful interface allows you to trim and clarify your text in many ways. You can structure the text however you like. You need not worry because it is available on almost all devices! Be it the MAC, Android, or Windows, you can use iA Writer on any device you are comfortable with and be able to write a brilliant paper.


All these apps have a simple interface, and you can navigate and upload files within seconds. Then, you can get your cake and eat it too since you save more of your time! Instead of wasting more of your energy and time on alternate methods, you should use these apps effectively.

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