6 Advantages Windows Has Over Other OS

It is difficult to imagine a modern person who does not have at least basic computer skills. City life simply cannot exist without digital technology. But disputes about the advantages of one software over another remain relevant. In this regard, today’s article will tell you about the six advantages that Windows has over its competitors.


The main driving factor behind the success of Windows is its worldwide popularity. Microsoft has had a large market share since its inception. This feature gives rise to many of the benefits of this product.

The fact that more than 95% of users worldwide use this particular operating system attracts other companies to create products that are as compatible with it as possible. Almost any modern device can be connected to such a computer. The hardware can automatically set itself up in a fraction of a second.

It is much easier for users to exchange or replace peripherals. Data or knowledge can be easily shared when using the most popular product. A new user can learn the basics very quickly.

You can find a solution to almost any problem due to the openness of this system. Most likely you will find a detailed guide that will tell you how to adapt your computer to solve the most extraordinary problems. If solving a problem takes a lot of time and interferes with doing your homework, then you can contact professionals to do custom writing on EssayPro for you. After all, it is better to spend your precious time solving really important tasks.


Regular updates can be annoying sometimes. But, they are an advantage. They help the product stay relevant. Small patches and big updates bring new functionality and make the system more secure.

Microsoft cares about ordinary users. New generations of systems are based on older versions. This approach makes the process of migrating from an old version to a new one easier.

Application Library

Windows has the largest application base. Software developers want their applications to be used by a large number of users. They can only achieve this if they create applications for the most popular OS. The simplicity of the system makes the process of creating applications quick and intuitive. And programmers also prefer to have Windows and Linux on their PC for ease of work and use.

Microsoft is famous not only for its operating system but also for its applications. Millions of people mention on their resumes that they have Microsoft Office skills. The integration of these classic tools into OS makes Windows more attractive. Many other system tools allow a user to get started right after the first launch.

The Microsoft Store has a million different apps. These tools are created by both professionals and amateurs. The availability of free applications allows the student to implement their projects without the need for serious investment.

But there is no reason to be upset if you did not find the product you were looking for in the Microsoft Store. There is always an alternative solution on the Internet. It is very easy to download and install the program from the Internet. Modern antivirus software will take care of protecting your data.


Windows is a very flexible operating system. Its code allows the most ordinary enthusiast to customize the appearance and functionality to their liking. This approach makes each computer unique.

The start panel and taskbar have dozens of individual options that affect the look and feel. You can customize the tones and the font of the text. You can change the color and appearance of windows and tabs. You can customize and create your own keyboard shortcuts and macros. You can change how the system works with applications. In this OS, it is simple to adjust and work with system files and settings.

The freedom to change the code allows you to modify the appearance beyond recognition. Each user will find options to suit their preferences.


The gaming industry is huge. Today it accommodates over 2.5 billion players. According to statistics, a quarter of this audience plays on the PC. For such players, there is no suitable alternative to Windows when it comes to advanced gaming.

If you love gaming, then Windows PC will be the most convenient choice. First, it is the only operating system on which game developers are prioritized. Other operating systems cannot boast of large and varied libraries of old and new games.

Secondly, Windows gives out better gaming performance compared to its competitors. The abundance of manpower working on the optimization of games for this particular OS does its job.

Thirdly, manufacturers of gaming devices create their products prioritizing the most popular OS. The maximum potential of their products can usually only be achieved on Windows itself.

Based on these trends, Microsoft will maintain the crown of the main game development platform for a very long time.

Cost Efficiency

It is a fact that the cheapest way to build or buy a computer is to do it around the Windows operating system. This advantage creates the popularity of this product. At the same time, its low price does not affect performance. On the contrary, sometimes a Windows-based computer can be cheaper and more powerful than a macOS computer. Because of this, so many people prefer the Microsoft product.

These figures are because Apple is positioning its products as a premium segment. Their devices are often more of a status than technical superiority. But, it should be noted the design and aesthetic advantages of such products.

Final Words

Windows remains the most popular operating system for home PCs. Its advantages over competitors make it one of the leaders in introducing new technologies in this industry. Despite some of its weaknesses, it will likely remain at the top of the food chain for years to come. The sheer power of habit is more than enough to keep huge numbers of casual users hooked on this software.

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