5 Sleep Gadgets to Enhance your Sleep

Sleep is probably the most precious thing we can enjoy in this world. With 1 out of 3 people not getting enough sleep, it seems like it’s also the most elusive.

The best advice that you’ll ever get when trying to improve your sleep is getting a high-quality mattress (read the article from Sleep Standards). We can’t deny the fact that comfort dramatically affects sleep. However, there are other sleep concerns—distractions, stress, anxiety, and many more– that we should think about too. The good news is, these issues can be addressed using technology.

Thanks to the increasing awareness of the importance of sleep and the gravity of sleep problems worldwide, there have been lots of sleep aid advancements. These include a wide array of sleep tech and gadgets that may help us get better sleep.

To know what these gadgets are, keep on reading!

5 Sleep Gadgets to Get Better Sleep

Sleep tech encompassed different types of gadgets—from lighting, to sound machine to a whole lot more! Below, we’ll share some of the sleep gadgets you can find in the market today.

1. Embr Wave Bracelet

amber wave bracelet

One of the most significant factors you need to consider when it comes to sleep improvement would be temperature. The Embr Wave Bracelet is here to ensure that you’ll get the right sleeping temperature every time, all the time!

This gadget is designed to be worn around your wrist, and it works by introducing warm (if it’s too cold) or cold (when it’s too hot) sensations to help you maintain the best temperature for sleep.

With its features, you can get the right temperature to sleep faster. There will be lesser chances for disrupted sleep since you’ll sleep comfortably throughout the night.

2. Sound Oasis Illumy

People often refer to this as the Smart Sleep Mask. We have always been told that lights greatly affect sleep because of its role in melatonin production. Well, this sleep mask takes the idea of lights and sleep into a whole new level.

The mask works by introducing two types of light to the user—blue and red light. At nighttime, the mask will produce red lights so you can fall asleep faster and better.

Once daytime rolls around, it will begin beaming blue light at you so you can wake up feeling refreshed and alert. This minimizes the feeling of drowsiness in the morning.

3. Gravity Weighted Cooling Blanket


Yes, technology invaded the bedding industry, too! The blanket is filled with plastic poly pellets, which make it heavy. This helps improve sleep through the technique they call the deep pressure stimulation, which has been proven effective in relieving pain, minimizing anxiety, and improving mood.

Additionally, it’s made from moisture-wicking abilities so that you can sleep cooler at night. Aside from helping you fall asleep, you may even save energy when you use this blanket!

4. Smart Nora


Snoring affects sleep quality because it may wake you up at night and cause irritated throat, headaches, and fatigue the next day. If you’ve been dealing with posture-related snoring issues for a while now, the Smart Nora may just be the answer you’re looking for!

This is a revolutionary tool designed to be inserted inside your pillow. When it detects snoring at night, it will automatically adjust your pillow accordingly to promote proper breathing.

5. Hatch Restore All-in-one Sleep System

This sleep system combines two important sleep factors—light and sound. This sleep lamp is designed to provide a soft-glow reading light so you can enjoy a relaxing book without being
exposed to blue light. Additionally, it delivers a light-based alarm, which offers a more natural way of waking up.

That’s not all. The system also helps create that relaxing mood by playing soothing sounds. In short, it has everything you need to establish the best bedtime routine.

Final Words

Of course, these products won’t guarantee a night of peaceful and restful slumber. However, you can increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep! What we’ve shared with you are just a few of the available sleep gadgets nowadays. There’s a whole lot more!

Using technology for sleep is a new concept to us, but who knows? These might be the tools we need to get better sleep!

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