5 Important App Store Optimization Strategies for Gaming Apps

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Below are ASO (app store optimization) approaches that could improve your gaming app’s visibility, acquisition, and monetization.

1. Use the Right Keywords

Today, there are over 490,000 game apps on Google Play Store. It wouldn’t be surprising if this number increased in the future. This should serve as a wake-up call to anyone working on gaming software, as it indicates your competition level. The success of your game app depends on your ability to differentiate it from the competition.

Finding the right keywords to use in your ASO approach is essential. It can reveal the terms players use to find your game software when executed properly.

Searching for relevant keywords is now much simpler with the help of keyword research tools. Those are keywords that your rivals, even those who haven’t completely tapped, are already ranking for. Your app could benefit from using mid-traffic keywords, which aren’t too difficult to rank for but don’t have as much competition.

Even more crucial than locating the best keywords is knowing how and where to include them in your writing. In what contexts are keywords necessary? It’s a good idea to add keywords in the app’s name, subtitle, and description.

You should insert keywords wherever you see fit, but avoid overusing them.

2. Optimize Visual Assets

When deciding whether or not to download an app, do you often find yourself drawn in by design? It’s important to remember that users are more likely to interact with and download aesthetically pleasing apps.

Ensure the images you use in your gaming app are engaging, original, and accurate representations of the game’s intended purpose. Since it is the first element users will see. Therefore, your icon constitutes one of the most crucial visual elements to polish. Make it distinctive and appropriate to your company’s image.

Include screenshots because they teach users about the features of your program and help them decide whether or not to download it based on what they see.

3. Ratings and Reviews

Gamers will only be persuaded to download your game app if there is favorable feedback and high ratings, regardless of how fantastic your software is. Remember that there are possibly thousands of other apps in your category, all offering the same kind of game. With a high star rating, your app will stand out and attract more users.

Apps with high ratings and positive reviews tend to be featured more prominently in app stores. Search engines such as Google use user retention, activity, and star rating to determine page rankings.

How can you get the most out of your app store ratings and reviews? Select the optimal time to solicit feedback on your app’s performance. Give them some time to use your game app before you ask for feedback.

It’s also a good idea to divide your users into groups based on how frequently they use the program. Regular app users are the most likely to provide positive feedback; therefore, it makes sense to focus on them.

You can avoid poor reviews and app deletion by not pestering users for reviews and ratings. However, users would appreciate you more if you replied to their reviews.

4. Optimize Your App Size

Smaller apps typically receive more attention and lead to more sales. Your apps shouldn’t be more than 100MB for Google Play or 200MB for the App Store because larger apps can’t be downloaded utilizing 3G and 4G connections.

How can you reduce the file size of your video game programs? To begin, you should cut down on the application’s enumerations, which can significantly bloat the size of the classes.dex file, including all of your games. You can reduce the size of your game by removing unused engine components.

To lower the file size of your game application, you need to eliminate unused resources like sound files, images, and models. This will increase the popularity of your game app downloads.

5. Build Links

Backlinks are a resource that can be utilized for link-building, an aspect of ASO. How do you go about doing that? Getting influencers and other authoritative websites to mention your applications is possible. Backlinks are an excellent way to increase your ASO and your SEO and exposure.

While you’re doing it, make sure you have high-quality backlinks by getting mentioned on websites that are relevant to your niche.

Take Away

Optimizing your gaming app for the app store can be an excellent approach to increase its visibility and contribute to the success of the app. It is possible to earn the backing of search engines and achieve higher placement on the app store by performing keyword research, optimizing graphic assets, increasing reviews and ratings, and optimizing app size.

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