5 Awesome Money Management Apps

These days, it can be difficult to budget. Consumerism is increasing, advertising is everywhere, and money means very little other than numbers on a screen for some. In the old days, budgeting was easier. People would split their money up depending on their needs and have a clear idea of what they did and didn’t have.

In the age of online banking, that can be a lot harder to track for some. A budgeting app helps you track your savings, income, expenses, investments, and pay-outs – to help you keep your personal finances in order.

Some budgeting apps sync with your financial accounts to help give you a more up-to-date and holistic overview of your financial situation, including your spending on marketplace payment. Many don’t know how much they spend from month to month. Budgeting apps help give you a clear view of your spending history and keep you updated on whether you may be spending recklessly.

eChecks are a popular form of payment these days. eChecks are a digital version of a paper check. There is a growing number of people using eChecks as it’s a great way to manage your money. You can use them for everything, from everyday shipping, to gambling online, with plenty of sports betting sites now accepting eChecks if you want to gamble responsibly.


You Need A Budget is a great choice if you’re looking to tidy up your finances. It offers an interesting and proactive way to budget and keeps your expenses on track for up to a month in advance. It also has lots of educational tools and resources. It’s a safe and reputable app and has an excellent private and secure system.


Mint is a great choice for more reasons than one. It’s one of the most popular apps on the market, with over 25 million users. It’s free to use and easy for everyone. You can set up reminders to pay your bills, you can access your credit score, and you can track your investments – Mint is definitely the best free budget app.


Simplifi offers a personalized plan for your spending and live updates of how much you have left to spend each month. You sync your bank accounts with the app, which gives you a really great overview of your finances.


PocketGuard is a great tool if you’re looking to stop overspending and is packed full of handy features. The algorithm tracks your expenses vs. your income. It tracks your saving goals and gives you an amount you can spend every day. The spending limits make it far easier to stop overspending, keeping you aware of where your finances are at all times.

Personal Capital

Personal capital is a fantastic option. It offers excellent free tools for building your wealth. Like many others, you sync your accounts in one place, track your net worth and plan for your retirement using ‘Retirement Analyzer’. You can use the Fee Analyzer to check up on your portfolio fees.


Zeta is a free budgeting app made specifically for couples, whether you have joint finances or not. Zeta syncs your various accounts, calculates your net worth, and helps you manage your bills together.

There is a joint no-fee banking account you can both sign up for, which also offers a physical card. There are no account fees or digital checks, and you can access the Allpoint ATM network. You can also use the contactless payment feature and pay bills from it. All of these added features make Zeta a fantastic choice for couples looking to get control of their financial situation.


Fudget is a straightforward, calculator-type interface that places emphasis on substance over design. If you’re looking for a simple budget tracker where you don’t have to sync your financial accounts, Fudget is the app for you. It keeps lists of incomings and outgoings and helps you track your balances.

Deep Analysis

Some apps go even further with things like suggestions on how to save money, automated savings, access to credit scores, bill alerts, and some interesting investing features. If the app has a saving component, you should check to make sure that your account is FDIC-insured. There are tons of great budget planners on the market, so have a look around and see what fits your needs best.

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