5 Apps Parents Can Use to Spy on Their Children’s Internet Use

Parenting in the digital era is no less than a war that a parent has to fight at multiple levels. The copious use of the internet and the way our lives are tangled around the internet has made the job a bit tougher.

I am a mother of two kids and keeping tabs on their internet usage are the most difficult job. That being said, I can’t let them use the internet without any monitoring as it is no less than inviting endless troubles. So, I was looking for a solution that could help me out.

Thank goodness, I got one as well!

In this post, I am going to talk about the top 5 solutions that make the life of any parent. If you are a parent and need to know them, scroll down.

Solution 1 – Spyier

Spyier the app is what I used to monitor kids’ internet activities. It is basically a remote phone monitoring app that can be used for parental control. It is built with modern technology and is free from multiple risks.

It has a database of over 1 million users in 190 nations. This explains that it is no ordinary tool. It is an advanced solution whose performance has been applauded a couple of times by some of the most famed media houses. Interested to know how Spyier works, click here.

Why is Spyier on the Top of My Suggestion List?

While using Spyier, no risks will haunt you as its performance is without rooting/jailbreak. This made us believe that you won’t cause damage to the original security seal of the phone or its actual performance.

One of the most amazing facts about Spyier is that it never saves data on the server and makes it easily available for various cyber vulnerabilities. So, you have a sound sleep while Spyier is at work. Above that:

Your kids will never be able to spot that you are using Spyier to spy on their internet usage.

It is because Spyier comes with an in-built stealth mode to hide its presence on the target phone. Besides, its dashboard has amazing remote work capabilities. It doesn’t force you to stay around your kids to know about their activities.

Spyier captures every detail in real-time. The data is delivered with time-stamps. This kind of data gives a detailed understanding. You can find out what your kids are browsing on the internet at what time.

Parents love this app because it doesn’t disturb their budget. Using Spyier for one month will cost only $10. One tool can be used to spy on multiple devices.

It means ultimate peace of mind will be all yours.

Solution 2 – Minspy

Minspy is what a parent can use when secret and cost-effective internet spying is the aim. It is a remote phone monitoring solution used for multiple jobs and internet monitoring is one of them.

Using Minspy, one can find out which all websites were visited by the target and what all content was downloaded. It captures the internet presence in real-time.

To increase the data viability, each entry is delivered with time-stamps. So, you will have better clarity of things. Besides, the data is delivered without anyone’s involvement. It is direct and there are fewer chances of data tampering.

Minspy has an efficient keylogger that can capture the words typed while using the internet. So, you can easily find out what kind of searches your kids are making over the internet.

Solution 3 – Spyine

Spyine has grabbed third place in our rundown because it has redefined the meaning of phone spying with its rooting/jailbreak performance.

It has developed a phone monitoring solution that works without OS tempering. This kind of modus operandi has managed to keep multiple risks involved in the phone monitoring out of your way.

Spyine is a very cost-effective solution and people love the way it can keep tabs on multiple phones from a single solution. Monthly expenses with Spyine are only $10 and one can enjoy real-time monitoring on around 35 phone activities at this cost.

Solution 4 – Spyic

Parents who never have so much time to get involved in a time-taking set-up and installation will love Spyic.

Spyic is a feature-rich internet spy app that saves a huge deal of time and effort that one has to invest in solution set-up as there is no installation( for iOS) involved.

Though Android device monitoring demands a set-up, the compact app size has made the entire set-up hardly 5-minute long.

Whether you are a hacking pro or a novice, Spyic helps you without any discrimination. It is easy to use the tool. The live demos on the website have made the job easier than ever.

Spyic is loved by millions because of its ability to operate in a hush-hush manner. Even though your kids will be monitored closely, they will have no idea about it.

Solution 5 – Neatspy

Ending the post with Neatspy would be the best thing as this is not an internet spy app but a modern-era marvel that can be used to keep tabs on around 35 phone activities. Yes, it is that much capable.

Using Neatspy is a cakewalk. You don’t have to be an expert to use it. The basic knowledge and technologies are more than enough. For instance, Neatspy for iOS has a web-based interface that can be used using any device/browser.

Neatspy delivers data without any of their person’s involvement. This means data reliability is a sure thing with Neatspy.

Neatspy is super compatible. Whether your kids have an iPhone or use an Android tablet, it will track their internet activities without any hassle.

Wrapping up

Using a parental control app that can track the internet activities of your kids from miles away is nothing less than a boon. Options like Spyier, Minspy, Neatspy, and many others that have been featured in this post are worthy of any parent’s trust.

The ultra-modern technology of these apps will keep tons of the internet world’s vulnerabilities out of your kids’ way and keep them safe. Have doubts? Try any and you will get to know on your own.

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