3 Tools To Detect Unknown Language From Sample Text

I have already posted how you can detect and translate an unknown language to English. That tutorial was based on Google Translate. But it doesn’t support all languages of the world. This is where the following tools come to rescue. You can detect any unknown language from a small sample text in that language using these tools.

Tools To Detect Unknown Language From Sample Text

1. Unknown Language Detector is probably the best tool out of the three tools I have listed here. You just need to enter a very small sample of the text and it will instantly display the probable language of the text.

I wrote probable because sometimes the tools is not 100% sure of the unknown language so it just displays the most probable language of the sample text entered, along with a reliability score, so that you can know how accurate it is.

Tip: To increase the reliability score, try entering as much text as you can in the text box.

2. LangId is a cool online tool that offers the basic language detection. It also have Twitter and email-detection bots for quick results.

LangId is based on Google API so they don’t have any unique algorithm to determine the unknown language but overall its a good tool.

3. What Language is This is a great tool that immediately identifies the unknown language. It identifies the unknown language based on its statistical similarity with the Wikipedia articles in that particular language.

The only problem with this tool is that it can’t exactly identify the language of transliterated text.

Hope you’ll be able to determine the language of the mystery text!

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