10 Unique and Unusual Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Choosing a baby’s name is the most important decision for a parent to make. Questions like whether to keep a traditional name or a modern name, should you add the family name, and which unique name will suit your baby will make you have many sleepless nights.

Why Name your baby Starting with A?

Alphabet “A” is one of the most loved letters when parents want to name their child. It is because the letter symbolizes courage, leadership, and ambition. As it is the starting of alphabets, it signifies beginning as well.

So, if you’re hunting down a name for your baby boy then prefer the letter “A”. But, there are plenty of them. So, we are helping you out with the top 10 unique and unusual baby boy names that start with A. Just stay tuned with us.

10 Unusual and Amazing Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Obviously you would want to give your baby boy a unique name.

Thankfully, the time has changed and new parents and parents-to-be have a lot of help these days. There are websites and platforms that provide a comprehensive list of names.

CocoFinder is one such platform. You can always visit the link to choose the best, unique, and most popular baby names for both boys and girls from CocoFinder.

Coming back to the topic, let us list the most awesome baby boy names starting with A now.

1. Aryan

This one is a classic name of Hindu (Indian/Iranian) origin and is used in the context of noble, warrior, honorable and well-read. You can explore a bit and read about Arya(s) in the Iranian and Indian regions. Naming your son after such great legends will be a great move.

The name is an all-time favorite and never loses its sheen in India. It is among the top 1000 Indian names being used in the US every year (for 20 years or even more), but still counts as rare here. So, go ahead and pick this one.

2. Aaron

Aaron is a very unique name and belongs to Hebrew culture. The name means mountain of strength and symbioses steadfastness and endurance. In fact, the Bible also features this name.

3. Alden

Alden is a very unique baby boy name with the letter “A”. It comes from Old English and means old friend. The name sounds pleasing and is not so common. So, if you will name your son with this one, he will be one and only in his class.

4. Aydin

Looking for a name that no other child has? Go for Aydin. It is rare and unique. The name came from Gaelic origin and means fire.

5. Arvi

Doesn’t Arvi sound interesting? The moment you hear this name, a picture of a cute and chirpy child pops up in the mind. As it is of German and Old English origin, it is not so common in the US. You won’t find many kids with this name. You can also use it as a nickname. Nickname or official name will grab people’s attention for sure.

6. Ambrose

If you are a die-hard fan of “The adventure of Sabrina Spellman”, you must be aware of this name. The quirky, skilled, and loving cousin of Sabrina was Ambrose. The name is of Greek origin and means immortal. Its meaning is a major reason to give this name to your dear son.

7. Adan

If you’re looking for a vintage-inspired name for your baby boy go for Adam. The name has a Hispanic origin and is the Spanish equivalent to Adam.

As we know, Adam is the first boy name in the world, it would be a great pick. It was very famous in the US between 1930 and 1950. But, in the 21st century, very few baby boys have it. So, give this name to your son if you want him to be one in thousands.

8. Aziel

If you’re looking for a powerful name for your son then nothing is better than Aziel. With Hebrew roots, the name sounds Biblical and original.

Literally speaking, the name means “God is my strength”. It is rarely used in the US and is very uncommon. Do you need more reasons to prefer this name?

9. Adryan

This one is a very creative name and means “from Hadria”. The name is derived from the Roman name Hadrianus and is its modern version. It is very unlikely that you must have heard this name before as it is as rare as

10. Alanson

Your baby boy is precious to you, right? Then let his name speak out for you. Alanson is a classic German baby boy name that means precious. It is unique, unusual, and sounds impressive. People will surely appreciate you picking this name.

Attention Please!

In many US families, the tradition of including a middle name is still carried forwards. If your family is one amongst them then you have to be extra attentive as it is crucial that the first and middle names of your son should sync with each other.

Try to pick the name whose syllabus is mingling and mixing. Many facilities used the father’s name as a middle name while others picked any popular name to use it as a middle name.

In the first case, you know a lot in advance. So, pick accordingly. The second option demands a bit more effort as you have to pay attention to two names. Though the struggle is real, it is worthy as it is your baby.

All your efforts and hassles will zero down if your family follows the tradition of the shared name. What do think; how much effort the father of Robert John Downey Jr. must have made to pick his name?


So, you can also follow this tradition if you’re too confused about the name.

However, we suggest you make some efforts and give your baby boy a unique name as he is. His name is going to be with him for life. So, choose wisely. If you love customary names then names of Hebrew origin will be an ideal pick.

For traditional names, Biblical names are perfect.

No matter what your preferences are, you will find an ideal match on CocoFinder. This platform follows SSA strictly and is a powerhouse of baby names.

Not only unique baby boy names with the letter “A” can be spotted here, but you can find out names with other letters as well. So, whenever you need to pick a unique baby name, turn to CocoFinder.

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