Watch All Star Channels Online Using Star Player

Star India has launched Star Player, where you can watch all the content from the channels of Star Network, including, Star Plus, Star One, Star News, Star World and Channel[V].

watch star tv online with star player

You can watch full length content in very high quality without downloading any software. At the time of writing, all content is not available yet, only the most popular shows are available. They are adding about 6-7 hours of content everyday, so everything from Star Network will be available there soon.

Star Player lets you to put the lights on/off, change video size, adjust picture settings etc. You can share these videos on social networking sites, embed them to your blog or website. You can even rate the videos and create your own play list.

In short, if you’ve missed an episode of your favorite show or just want to catch up with an old classic, go to Star Player.

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