TwitterFollowBadge – Create A Cool Auto Scrolling Twitter Follow Button For Your Site

If you own a website or write a blog, then you are probably already using twitter for marketing. Most of us just use a small twitter icon in the sidebar. Its either the twitter bird or the twitter bird that says follow me.

This may gain you a few followers. But if you want you campaign to go viral, then you should definitely consider using this really cool auto scrolling twitter badge from TwitterFollowBadge. It appears on your site/blog’s left or right sidebar (as specified by you) and automatically scrolls with the page.

How To Create An Auto Scrolling Twitter Follow Badge For Your Blog/Site?

1. Go to TwitterFollowBadge page on go2web20 site.

2. Set the color you like along with the side which you want the badge to appear, left or right. Also, enter the distance from the top, in pixels, where this badge will be displayed on your site. Normally, the default value, 136px, is appropriate for most sites/blogs.

3. Click on the Update Code button and copy the resulting code.

4. Now copy this code in your site just before the ending of body tag (</body>).

That’s it. You’ll now see the super cool twitter badge on your website. Also note that the twitter badge will not appear in IE6 because of the compatibility issues.

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