How To Track Royal Mail in India

If you have purchased something from a website based in United Kingdom (UK) or if your friend is sending you something from UK to India, chances are, the postal service used will be Royal Mail. This is because Royal Mail is the most reliable international postal service that can be used to send stuff from UK to India.

trace track royalmail india

When you ship something from UK to India using Royal Mail, you will get a tracking number from Royal Mail. You can then use this tracking number to trace and track your package in UK using the Royal Mail Track and Trace page.

But once the package reaches India, you will not be able to track this package on Royal Mail website. It will keep showing you the message that ‘Your Item has reached the destination country’. So, how to track Royal Mail in India? Its easy!

Remember that the Royal Mail tracking number is a universal tracking number. This means that once the Royal Mail package is in India, you can use the same tracking number to Track the Royal Mail parcel in India. Just enter the tracking number on the India post tracking website here. It will instantly track the parcel location in India.

If Royal Mail Tracking says that ‘Your Item has reached the destination country’, that is your parcel is in India, and you still get error message on India post tracking, then it means that the parcel has been dispatched from UK, but has not reached India yet.


This indicates that parcel is probably on an Aircraft or a Ship between the two countries. In this case, you should try to track Royal Mail on India Post website after a couple of days. Note that it will normally take 10 to 20 days for a parcel to reach India from UK so don’t panic if it takes some time.

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