Setup PPPoE Connection in Bsnl Broadband ADSL Modem

If you are a BSNL broadband subscriber, then you probably have a dial up internet connection configured on you computer. Every time you want to connect to internet, you double click on the dial up connection and enter the username and password to connect.

Do you know that you can setup the bsnl broadband in such a way that your computer is always connected to internet without dialing up for a connection! To do this you have to configure a PPPoE connection in your modem (router). Here’s the procedure,

How To Setup PPPoE Connection in Bsnl Broadband Adsl Modem (Router)

Open your web browser, enter in the address bar and press enter. You will get a popup dialog box asking for a username and password. Use the username admin and password admin to login to the modem configuration control panel. The username and password are case sensitive so please make sure that you are entering them in lower case.

Now in the admin panel, go to Advanced Setup > WAN. Now click on Add button to start creating a PPPoE Connection. On the next screen enter the VPI & VCI values as 0 & 35 respectively. Keep all the other values to default. Then choose the connection type to be PPPoE and click on the Next.

Here enter the username and password that you received from the bsnl. The username and password are same as the ones you use while dialing up for a connection. Click on Next and save the configuration. Now the modem will restart. If it doesn’t then go to Management > Save/Reboot and click on the Save/Reboot button.

That’s it. you have just finished configuring a PPPoE connection in your BSNL modem. You will be automatically connected to internet the next time you reboot your computer.

Tip: To check if BSNL is actually providing the speed it promised, you can check internet speed.

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