Play Battle City Retro Game Online

Battle City is one the most popular retro games that was also the first two player game. The goal of the game is to defend the city base, an eagle with brick border around it. Battle City has 35 levels with each level containing different map.

Play Battle City Game

Controls: Click on the big gray button to start the game. On the next screen, you can change the level by clicking the tank. Then click on the gray button. Use arrow keys to move, and F key to fire. Watch this video for a walk-through.

Map Description: Each map is composed of brick walls, steel walls, green bushes, ice and water surfaces. Brick walls can be destroyed by both the enemy tanks and player tanks by just shooting at them. Steel walls can be destroyed only by a player tank if he has collected three star powers. Green bushes hide the tanks, while the ice surface makes the controlling of the tans harder. Water surface can’t be crossed.

Power Ups: The red flashing tanks can be destroyed to generate the power ups. The Tank power gives a life, one star power improves the shooting speed, two star powers allow multiple shots, three star powers let the player tank to destroy the steel wall. A bomb power destroys all the available enemy tanks. A clock power freezes all the enemy tanks for few seconds. A shovel power makes the steel border around the base for few seconds. A cap power makes the player tank un-destroyable for few seconds.

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