Move Photos From One Facebook Album To Another

You may want to move photos from one album to another on Facebook for several reasons. Probably you uploaded the photos from mobile and now you want to move the photos out of the Mobile Uploads album to an appropriate album.

A common sense solution is to simply download the photos to the computer, and then upload it to the correct album, while deleting it from the older album. Doing this will take time, and also the moved photo(s) will be considered as a new image, so all your Facebook likes and comments will be lost.

Fortunately, Facebook provides a way to move photos from one Facebook album to another, while keeping all the comments and likes as it is. Here’s the procedure:

• Open the album from which you want to move the photos and click on Edit Album link.

• Click on Edit Photos link in the pop up dialog box.

• For each pic that you want to new album, select the new album’s name under the Move to section. Now click on Save Changes.

That’s it. All the photos will be automatically moved to the new Facebook album now.

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