How to Undo the Sent Mail in Gmail

How may time you have thought that it would have been better if you didn’t sent that mail to your boss? Or maybe you clicked on the send button accidentally while composing the mail, which sent the incomplete mail to the recipient, causing embarrassment and misunderstanding. Now you can avoid all this by simply enabling the Gmail labs feature, Undo Send.

How To Enable Undo Send Feature in Gmail Labs?

  1. Login to Gmail, click on the settings link in the top right corner of the Gmail interface, then click on Labs in the settings area.
  2. Scroll down a bit to find out the Undo Send feature, and enable it.
  3. Scroll down a bit more and click on the Save Changes button.


That’s it. Now whenever you’ll send a mail, you’ll notice two things.

  • You’ll see a cancel button on the sending… notification. You can just click on it to cancel sending of this particular mail message.


  • An undo link will be displayed on the sent mail confirmation notification. This undo link will be visible for five seconds, and if you click on it, Gmail will not send that particular message.


Important Note – Enabling this feature doesn’t mean that you can retract any mail that is already sent. It simply forces Gmail to wait for around five seconds before sending your email, so that you can undo the send during that time interval.

I think this feature is very useful, since it doesn’t take more than 5 seconds to realize the mistake ;)

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