How to Draw An Arrow in Photoshop

One of the most frequently asked question by Photoshop beginners is about drawing arrows in photoshop. Actually it is very easy to draw arrows in Photoshop, you just need to use the line tool in a specific way.

Drawing Arrows in Photoshop

1. Open your image file in Photoshop and create a new layer.

2. Select the line tool from the tool box.


3. Now select the Shape Layers icon, from the top toolbar of your Photoshop workspace. Then, open the drop down menu and select the Arrowheads to be End. This will draw the arrow head at the point where you finish drawing the arrow. You can also choose Arrowheads to be Start if you like. Also, change the weight to 3px or more depending upon your requirements, experiment with different weights until you get the shape you want.


That’s it. Now you can create arrows with Photoshop, like the one below, easily.


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