How To Disable The Avira Upgrade Notification

Avira AntiVir Personal is one of the best Free Antivirus Software. I am using this software on one of my machines for about an year now and I am completely satisfied with it.

Although Avira AntiVir Personal has many great features, it has one problem. Whenever you update it or whenever a security related event occurs, it askss you to upgrade to Premium Version. Most of us are using this antivirus just because it is free and we’ll probably never upgrade it. So its better to disable the nagging notification.

How To Disable The Avira Upgrade Notification

1. Go to Start > Control Panel. Then go to on Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy.

2. Select the Software Restriction Policy > Additional Rules in the left panel. Right click on it and click on New Path Rule. Now browse to the place where the Avira Antivirus is installed, and select the avnotify.exe file.

3. Set it its security level to Disallowed (from the drop down list).

Apply the settings. That’s it. The Avira Antivirus Notification is now disabled. You’ll never see that pesky notifier again.