How To Restore a Phone To Its Default Factory Settings

If your phone has some issues which you are unable to troubleshoot then the best way to fix it is by restoring it to the default factory settings. This process is also called the hard reset of the phone.

When a phone is hard reset, it goes to the state when you first purchased it. All the contacts, settings, messages, photos and other media files will be erased. So, before you hard reset your phone, you must first backup all its data.

How To Hard Reset a Phone

• The easiest way to hard reset a phone is to use the reset button. Find the reset button on your phone, and press it. You will need to confirm if you want to erase all the data on the phone. Select Yes and the phone will be reset to default factory settings.

• Another method is to go to Settings > System and select the option to delete or clear all the storage. You may need to enter the passcode or password before all the data on the phone is deleted.

One of the methods listed above will work for most smartphones, but sometimes the process is very different for some phones. So, if you are unable to hard reset your phone using the methods explained above, then use the search box above to find the exact method for your phone.

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