Get Free License Key For Everest Ultimate Edition

I recently published a trick to legally download TechSmith Snagit for free. Here’s another freebie, Everest Ultimate Edition.

Everest Ultimate Edition is a system benchmarking tool that helps you to find various information about your computer. This helps you while upgrading, troubleshooting or installing new software to your computer. You can find every fact about your computer using the Everest Ultimate Edition including the hardware and device drivers information.

How To Get Free License Key For Everest Ultimate Edition

1. Visit this page, and enter the necessary details including your first name, last name and email address. Since the page is not in English, check out the following screen shot to find out what goes where,


2. You’ll receive the license key within a couple of minutes into your mail box. Now go to this page to download the Everest Ultimate Edition trial version.

3. Install the trial version on your computer. Now Run it, and click on the Enter Product Key button. Enter the license key that you received in your mail box, and press OK.

That’s it. Now you have the full version of Everest Ultimate Edition.

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4 thoughts on “Get Free License Key For Everest Ultimate Edition”

  1. Hi

    I have been using your tricks in the past and they are helpful. But this license key which you referred to comes to be in valid as and when i entered it i got a message in the window – “License is not valid for this version of Everest”

    I downloaded –

    VEREST Ultimate Edition v5.02
    Trial version, ZIP package 2009-05-25 10.1 MB Download

    I am using Vista Home Basic.

    Please help.

  2. @Munissh

    That key is valid only upto version 4.6 of Everest Ultimate Edition. Please download the appropriate version and then use the license key. Sorry, I forgot to mention this in the post.

  3. No issue with it. But i fail to find any download link for 4..6 version. I get only 5.02 to download and not any other.

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