Free Software To Record Your Voice In MP3 Format

You probably know that you can record your voice on Windows without installing any software, using the built-in Sound Recorder. Its a great way to record sound, but there are some limitations with this software,

  • You can only save the files in wav format.
  • You can only record small pieces of sound.

There are many more limitations but the above two are the major ones. Its best to record the sounds in mp3 format as you can play it anywhere without needing any special software. The mp3 files are also very small in size which makes them very portable.

Now you can easily record any sounds in mp3 format using the FreeMP3 Voice Recorder. If you want to record a song then this is the best choice as you can decide the quality of mp3 file it would produce.


That’s not all. You can also record the sounds in many other formats, including AAC, WMA, WAV, AC3 etc.

You can download the FreeMP3 Voice Recorder here.

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