Force Your Browser to Load instead of Google’s Local Domain

If you have good observation then you must have noticed that whenever you type,, in your browser’s address bar, you are redirected to the local Google domain of your country. For example, if you are in India, you will be redirected to


This is really annoying if you are traveling and are in a country which uses language other then English. For instance, if you are in France, then typing will redirect you to, with all the interface in French!

Another thing is that Google’s search results vary slightly depending upon your country. So if you are using Google from India(, you will see slightly different results then the results from Google for US( The sponsored listings (adwords ads) are completely different in different countries.

So, for some reason if you want to use instead of your local Google, then you can do that easily. Just use the URL in your browser’s address bar. Here ncr stands for No Country Redirect. Once you load that URL in your browser, it will create a cookie in your browser, which will stop redirection from to local Google domain.

To start the redirection again, just clear your browser cookies.

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  1. Thanks – I wanted to investigate US pricing compared to Canadian pricing. Stuff in US is often cheaper than in Canada. Often results are skewed according to the Google Local domain. – Gary

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