How To Fix the Blank Page or Blank Screen Problem in WordPress

You recently installed a new plugin, a new theme or made some changes in the WordPress theme files, and you just see a blank page when you visit your website. You can’t even login to dashboard, as it also shows a blank white screen. What to do now? Fortunately, it can be fixed.

A blank screen means that there is some error in the PHP code on the page that you are trying to display. This is normally caused by an incompatible theme or plugin.

Start by deactivating all your plugins and check the site. If the site is functional again, then it means that one of the plugin is causing the issue. To find that plugin, activate them again one by one, and check the site after activating each plugin. Once you find the culprit plugin, use an alternate plugin that is compatible with your current WordPress version.

Note: How to deactivate/activate plugins without logging into WordPress dashboard? Login to your web server via FTP and rename the folders of all the plugins, like by adding 1 to all the folder names. This will automatically deactivate all the active plugins.

If deactivating all your plugins doesn’t help, then try switching to the default theme. To do this, login to your web server via FTP and rename the currently active theme. This will force the default theme to be the active theme automatically.

Note 1: If your site is working fine but you get a blank page when you try to access WordPress dashboard, and none of the above methods work, then try renaming index.php file present in wordpress plugins directory to index.html.

Note 2: If you see a blank page only when accessing a particular part of your website like pages, archives etc then this is certainly because of an incompatible theme. In this case, there is no need to deactivate the plugins, simply force swicth to default theme and contact the theme developer for a resolution.

Note 3: If nothing works, you can hire a WordPress Consultant to look into the issue.