Fix the Homepage in Internet Explorer

You started your PC and opened IE to visit your favorite web site that you have set as your home page, only to find that some porn site automatically opened instead of your homepage. What happened is that when the last time you used IE, you unintentionally visited some malicious site. This site automatically altered your homepage using some script so that the next time you started IE, you were almost forced to visit that site. How to fix this problem? Well, the using the following method you can fix the homepage, which can never be altered in any ways,

  • Right click on the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop and select Properties.
  • Append the URL of the website that you want to set as your homepage at the end of target box, like this,

Click on the OK button and you are done. Now your homepage can never be changed. If you want to change it, then again right click on the IE icon and change the value at the end of the target box to the new URL.

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