Find Visually Similar Images With Google

Sometimes it is very difficult to describe an image in words. And if you can’t describe something in words, you can’t search it. Not any more. You can now find images based on their visual similarity with this new labs feature from Google.

How To Use Similar Image Search?

1. Go to Google Similar Image Search.

2. I know that you can’t describe in words the image you are looking for. But try to write a phrase that almost describes your need, and press Search Images.

3. Now from the results, simply click on similar images link on any image and Google will display all the images that are visually similar to this image.

For instance, I search for the term apple and get results for apple’s prducts like iphone and mac as well as the fruit apple.


But since I am looking for apple’s IPhone, I click on similar images link beneath its image,


And I get all the images that are visually similar to this image,


Although the feature is still in beta, its very useful. Also, check out the following official video tour of Google Similar Image Search,

So the next time, if you are looking for Jaguar, the car, you can quickly filter out jaguar, the cat.

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