Everything You Wanted To Know About The New Vodafone Zoozoo Ads

prakash-varma-directed-zoozoo-adsYou must have seen, and loved, the new Vodafone ad campaign with characters resembling the animated cartoons. Here’s everything you wanted to know about this new Vodafone ad campaign and the characters in them.

These characters are named Zoozoos, and are created by O&M. These ads were directed by Prakash Varma and were launched during the ongoing IPL 2 series.

Zoozoos aren’t Animated Characters, they are real people

Yes, the Zoozoo characters that appear in the Vodafone ads are not animated characters but are real actors from Mumbai and Capetown theaters. The actors wore special costumes to portray Zoozoos to create an illusion of animation. The costume is divided into two parts, the head and the body. The body part of the costume is stuffed with foam to create rounded shapes.

To create large heads they used a material called Perspex, which was again stuffed with foam. Also, they casted only women and children to play the Zoozoos so that the thin hands and legs made the heads look even bigger.

These ads were shot at a very slow frame rate to make the movements look funny. Check out the following videos to find out more about how the Zoozoo vidoes were actually created-

If you want to know who are the real people behind these funny costumes then go to this page.

Was it easy tocreate the ads using real people instead of using animation?

Here’s the official answer from Mr. Prakash Varma-

Animation requires so much detailing and here we had to do the exact opposite. We had to make real characters look like animated characters. It was quite challenging as none of them could see as they were covered from head to feet.

How To Watch And Download All these Zoozoo videos?

You can see all the Zoozoo videos on this youtube channel. Or you can see all the videos in this single video,

You can even download all the Zoozoo videos, along with all chitika (the dog from Hutch campaign) ads, from the official vodafone site. All the videos have very high quality. Go grab them now from the vodafone TV campaign site.

Are there any Zoozoo Wallpapers Available?

Yes, you can grab all the available Zoozoo wallpapers from this page.

You can download and use all these wallpapers for your mobile as well. To do that either log on to Zoozoo page on Vodafone live or go to http://live.vodafone.in/zoozoo.aspx from your mobile phone browser.

Note that you may be charged to use Vodafone live.

What About Zoozoo screen saver?

Yes, there even a Zoozoo screen saver available. Download it here.

Zoozoo Caller tunes And Ring tones

Vodafone officially released Zoozoo caller tunes and Zoozoo ring tones recently.

Even More Zoozoo Goodies…

If you want Zoozoo logos, smileys or avatars, you can grab them here.

Also, check out the Zoozoo community on facebook to grab some more cool stuff like Zoozoo icons, wallpapers and videos.

Please let me know if I missed some Zoozoo stuff or facts using the comments.

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  1. few of the ads the language they talk in is malyalam and not gibberish…the one where the guy is chasing the girl around the eiffel tower n things….

  2. Zoozoos’ are really fascinating charactors. They have become altime favourite favourite for my wife and me. Even during our stress times zoozoos’ make us laugh. We treat zoozoos’ like our own children. The way they talk/walk/argue/fight/laugh is truely amazing. We feel ” Rest of the world may be proud for miki mouse but India should be proud for zoozoos.” This one character can really unite India keeping aside language/religion/caste/politics. Our Salute to the creater of zoozoos. They should not be kept confined in the ads’ of vodafone, we want to zoozoos every where around us.

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