Download all the Images From a Webpage in a Single Click

You may want to download all the images from a webpage for several reasons. If you are a web designer, you may want to download all the icons from a webpage. Or, if you are downloading wallpapers from a webpage, you may want to download all of them in a single click instead of saving each wallpaper one by one.

To download all the images from a webpage, install Firefox addons like Save Images or OutWit Images. Both work basically in the same way.

Once you install either of the addon, you can use it to save all the images from the webpage open in the current firefox tab to a specified location. You can automatically download the images by specifying filters based on image type or image dimensions. If a webpage displays thumbnails of high resolution images, then the high resolution versions are downloaded automatically.

The only issue with these addons is that they won’t grab the images that are hosted on external image hosting services. Other then this issue, both works really smoothly.

If you don’t want any advanced functions that the addons provide and just want to save the images, then simply open the webpage in Firefox, go to Tools > Page Info, select the Media tab, press ctrl+A to select all images and click on Save as button to save them on your computer.

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