Debug.log File Automatically Appears on Desktop
Problem and Solution

Ankit Asks,

I am running Windows 7. Recently I have noticed an empty file with name debug.log automatically appearing on my desktop. I have deleted it many times but it appears again without any apparent reason. Please explain what is this debug.log file and how can I get rid of it.

Ankit, you are not the first to ask this question. In the last week, I have got about 8 emails asking for the solution for the automatic appearing of debug.log file problem.

After some research, I have concluded that this issue can be easily resolved. The debug.log file is actually created by a misconfiguration in the Google Talk plugin.

To solve the issue First close your browser. Then Go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Find Google Talk Plugin in this list of programs. Right click on it and click on Repair. It will start the repair process. After the process is over restart your computer.

The issue will be probably resolved and you will not see the debug.log file again. In case, the debug.log file still appears on your desktop, go ahead and uninstall the Google Talk Plugin from the Add or Remove Programs, by clicking on Uninstall instead of Repair, as explained above. After this you can re install Google Talk Plugin if you need it but you will never see the debug.log file again. Hope this helps!