Can I Subscribe Via Email Even if It’s Not Offered?

Erin Asks,

Any way to subscribe via email when it’s not offered? What if there’s a blog I want to subscribe to via email, but the blogger doesn’t offer it? Is there some workaround for this? I know there are geeks out there who have thought of this…

A very interesting question Erin, I once faced this problem myself. One of my friend sent me a link and the story was so interesting that I decided to subscribe to that website. However, the site didn’t offer any RSS feeds. What did I do? I used a free service to create the RSS feed for that website.

Below is the list of web services that can be used to create RSS feeds for any website, including the static HTML websites. All these services basically work in the same way. You provide the website’s URL and it creates a RSS feed for it. Then you can either subscribe to the feed via email or add it to your favourite RSS reader.

Top 10 Tools To Create RSS Feed For Any Website


All of these RSS feed creation services provide free services, although some provide additional premium services that are useful for marketing on internet.

Erin, I hope you can now subscribe to the blog via email, even if the blogger do not provide the RSS feed.


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